Filename: graphics/gunn.zip
Size: 47.63 KB
Date: 03/08/96
Author: Me again
Description: Doom2 patch/wad that makes enemies harder, weapons better, and other stuff that's pretty cool.
Credits: id Software, the DEUSF guys, Marilyn Manson, the DHE makers, Bill Sullivan for letting me use his chain- gun, and anyone that I ripped my ideas from.
Base: D2ENH.WAD chaingun and doom2.exe
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEUSF, DeHackEd, and NWT
Bugs: Bugs? Pish! Well, the Caco-BFG gun has really weird behavior when it goes over cliffs, but it still works fine. Also, with the refined imp fireballs (figure it out yourself), the game sometimes locks up when you deflect (!) too many at once.
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...Bah, buggy.x
Doom locks when you die.... not fun!x

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