Title: HAND
Filename: graphics/hand.zip
Size: 154.32 KB
Date: 12/25/06
Author: B.P.R.D
Description: I got a digital camera for christmas :D the first thing I did with it is this- took pics of my left hand, making it an array of guns. He's good, no? He's trying to break into the film business and this is his first gig. He's a character actor, as you can see. My personal favourite is his shotgun impression. <3

P.S like with most weapon mods, I couldn't be assed to modify the double shotgun. Its what, something like 8 frames? Fuck it.
Credits: my hand
Base: From scratch
Build time: a few hours
Editor(s) used: Photoshop
Bugs: doubt it
Rating: (46 votes)
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