Title: Icy DOOM ][ :-)
Filename: graphics/iceskys2.zip
Size: 59.99 KB
Date: 03/05/95
Author: Eugen Woiwod
Description: ICESKYS2.WAD replaces RSKY1, RSKY2, & RSKY3 with a view of Glacier Bay, Alaska. For you DOOM ][ newbies :-) this mean's it replaces the sky in Map01-32 of DOOM ][. This PWAD will work with DOOM ][ v1.7a or later.
Credits: To Whoever did the original ICESKY.WAD which only replaced SKY1 in DOOM :)
Base: ICESKY.WAD dated 06-14-94
Build time:
Editor(s) used: ADE II V5.21(The OFFICAL DOOM ][ Version of DEU)
Bugs: None, of course :-)
Rating: (1 vote)
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