Filename: graphics/lafsprte.zip
Size: 198.85 KB
Date: 01/17/98
Author: Limbs a Flyin', i.e me, Chris Coulter.
Description: Some new sprites for DOOM2 (Will work fine under DOOM as well, probaly)

*REMEMBER* This is unfinished, and never will be (by me at least) so all it has is a few new gun sprites and new player sprites, plus a few more. Also has altered palettes when you get hit, rad suit, item pick up.

*IMPORTANT* To make use of this wad, just run the included 'EXPAND' Batch file. Make sure you have Deusf in the current directory too.
Credits: Ummm.. i did this myself, even though i did alter some of the original sprites, and i took the plasma gun from Heretic. The taxi graphics I got from a Quarintine demo. Oh yeah i used Cringe DOOM as a cut out for the player's hurt animation.
Base: New pwad from scratch
Build time: I would have no idea, 10 or 20 hours maybe
Editor(s) used: NWT, Wintex 4, Neopaint 3.1, Deusf, Inkworks... (Thats all of 'em i think)
Bugs: None, I think. This is fully multiplayer capable, so it won't stuff up when you see other players. Also has extra sprites for the plamsa shots and BFG shots, see them differently at different angles. (You'll see if you look hard enough)
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A set of delightfully ridiculous weapon sprite replacements. Running down monsters with a taxi is fun until you realize you're no less invincible than if you weren't in a car.x
It's badx
5 stars for the BFG replacement alone. lollerskatesx
lol vary cool! download it now!x

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