Title: CR8 Quake Texture set compiled for Doom
Filename: graphics/mek-cr8x.zip
Size: 906.37 KB
Date: 05/14/08
Author: Speedy, Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell. Uploaded with permission by Rick ''Red'' Commandeur
Description: I stumbled upon this awesome set of Quake textures a few months ago, so I though I'd see how they looked in Doom. I then compiled and converted all of the original graphics as well as contributed over double the original number of graphics in recolors, edits, and new textures. Included are 276 new textures and 112 new flats.
Base: The original CR8 texture pack for Quake.
Build time: Too damn long.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, XWE, SLumpED, GIMP, Irfanview, MSPaint
Bugs: I breifly tested out the switches in Boom...so, hopefully, all of them work like they are supposed to. It was my first time compiling a SWITCHES lump so these textures would be compatible with Boom.
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