Title: Mysaw
Filename: graphics/mysaw.zip
Size: 64.59 KB
Date: 08/01/95
Author: Icarus
E-mail: icarus@ecst.csuchico.edu
Description: This is a simple graphics patch that replaces the chainsaw from DOOM/DOOMII with a reasonable facsimile of my Husqvarna 272xp. (Stihl fans, please be patient. If this goes over I may try a patch of an 064 next. :-)

I figured a real badass space marine doesn't need to worry about kickback when he's hacking up monsters, so I did away with the chainbrake.

I also "loosened the chain", added a "green weenie" air filter, and a wrap around handlebar for maximum carnage. I've replaced the titlepic and the ending text page with variations on the chainsaw theme. I replaced the skull-selector with a cute little running Husky.

I wanted to add more realistic chainsaw sounds, but they kept coming out too fast, etc... despite the fact that I followed the rules. I've got some awesome sounds thanks to the guys at Cloud Nine sound studio in Chico, CA. If there is enough support for the patch, I may try again later. Suggestions are welcome.
Credits: My wife for putting up with countless hours of tweaking w/these pix
Base: New Graphics *almost* from scratch. (I used the original player's hands and part of the bar/chain.)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: NWT v3.0, DeuSF v3.5
Bugs: None (If saw is invisible,"Create a Playable Wad"#2)
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I can't get it to work :(x
Wrong,most of the time Doom players don't realize how hard it is to make GOOD Doom sprites..cut him some slack,i bet if the above poster tried,the result would be Worse than the Doom Anomaly Shotgun.-Ddrummer321 0x
This is a chainsaw graphics replacement; the readme gives the impression that the author put a lot of work into it, and really cared. But it's terrible, a lot of MSPaint-style crap that's much too colourful and cartoonish to blend in with Doom's stock graphics. There are only really two frames; and yet it seems to have taken him hours! He wasted his life.x
titlepic was the best partx

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