Title: Nmn Corporation Texture Set Part 2
Filename: graphics/nmncorp2.zip
Size: 1.22 MB
Date: 04/26/06
Author: Pawel Zarczynski
Description: After 1.5 years time has come for the 2nd, final installment of the Nmn corporation texture pack. Enjoy. Theme: Industrial/Tech with a bit of nature (various rocks mostly). Stats: Number of textures: 312 Number of pathces: 223 Number of flats: 89 Number of switches: 3
Credits: -Authors of the Utilities (see below) -ID software for Doom -DRD Team. It was cool working on a couple of projects with these dudes.
Base: From scratch mostly, some based on photos though
Build time: 10 months (August 2005-May 2006) on and off
Editor(s) used: -Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop by Jasc
Bugs: Browns fading to Red, bright blues fading to grey.. yeah, but it's a colormap bug by ID, fixing this would, IMO, require a completely new pallette. Use some opengl ports to eliminate this (like Gzdoom, Jdoom, EDGE, Legacy etc.)
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mapping is difficult with these textures as many of the textures dont tile very well.x
Sweet looking textures. -Doom_Dudex
Excelent as allways, Vegeta.x
Excellent texture set! -deathz0rx
Absolutely awesome. Really, this is superb work. -Tangox

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