Title: The status bar from Houses 1.3
Filename: graphics/pipebar.zip
Size: 5.04 KB
Date: 06/10/95
Author: Michael Lundy
Description: This is a status bar I originally put together for Houses 1.3. I just decided that I would make this so you can download it to see the quality of the actual Houses WAD.

What I did was I took the wall texture called PIPES, I chopped it up into a 32x320 area, and put together the letters and item seperations. Even with such an unprofessional editor such as Neopaint, the final product has a quality of something like Adobe Photoshop.

By the way, I'd like to make corrections about Houses 1.3. For level 8, I said there was a Led Zeppelin song on there. Before I released the WAD, I changed that stupid song to One, which was made by Metallica.
Credits: The guy who made Neopaint. Oliver Montanuy for DeuTex 3.5 Id Software for DOOM II 'n' stuff
Base: New status bar from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Neopaint, DeuTex 3.5
Bugs: No, it is perfect and cool looking.
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