Title: Red Doom C (version 3)
Filename: graphics/reddm3.zip
Size: 248.85 KB
Date: 01/04/01
Author: Number Six
Description: A graphics/sprite wad for all versions of Doom, featuring changes to most of the weapons, several of the monsters, blood, the player, status bar, text and menu graphics... and more.
Credits: Sparky of KISS Software (kelm@eisa.net.au) for converting the old files and combining the wads to create this 'universal' update.

The credits from the original text file: White tiger - pistol, chaingun, rocket explosion, shotgun and chaingun icons. Biggles - Plasma Gun Alien Doom ][ - blood TiC - fists Vampire - status bar id Software - the rest of the graphics and sprites (Hell Knight, player and Pain Elemental sprites, text and menu graphics, etc.)
Base: 100% of the resources in reddm1.arj and reddm2.arj are either modified versions of Doom/Doom2 graphics from id Software, or they've been "borrowed" from other pwads (see above "Additional Credits to" for a list of the sources).
Build time: According to the original author, "Nearly infinite!"
Editor(s) used: Wad master v0.9, Deu v5.21, Deu ][ v5.21... (DeuTex, WinTex and NWT for version 3).
Bugs: None
Rating: (7 votes)
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Boring and really '95 because of all the plain graphical changes like changing the color of the guns and projectiles and turning a doom2 monster into a doom monster for variety for when somebody wants doom2 in doom like during that time period. As a result, this is probably illegal and breaks all the rules, including the ones set up by gamers.org. But who cares, anyway?x
Disons que de normale je n'aime pas trop ce genre de modif sauf que celle si tire bien eye's 3/5x
cool and neat cooneat! -tyrianx
neat x

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