Title: Reddot2
Filename: graphics/reddot2.zip
Size: 67.72 KB
Date: 10/11/95
Author: Hoss
Description: This is the sequel to my previous, and apparently well-received, version of Reddot. I have gotten a lot of requests for a program of the same ilk to be made for DII. I totally understand this. There are enough levels in DooM that really make use of Reddot, let alone the new great ones in DII.

I upgraded this version slightly. Apparently, having the dot on the 'immediate damage' weapons (lead-slingers) wasn't enough. So I have added the dot in DII to almost all the weapons instead of a select few. Yes, this even includes the BFG, you maniacs.
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I believe the idea was to give the game a red dot cursor, like a laser spot. It doesn't modify the weapon graphics, it just adds a single red pixel in the playing area. There are three problems. Firstly, you have to fiddle around with Dmgraph. Secondly, modern source ports already have red dot cursors. And thirdly, just by looking at the graphics, it seems obvious that the man's dots are about half a dozen pixels too far to the left.x
fuck off this ass shitx

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