Title: skullb.zip
Filename: graphics/skullb.zip
Size: 54.84 KB
Date: 06/16/94
Author: anth1
Description: This file was produced for those of you who may be a little tired of the normal deathmatch games, and when new levels just aren't as fun. This file will alter the player pictures. For even more fun, try changing things around, such as the candleabra's to look like players, so that you will not know whether your shooting the other player, or just wasting ammo and giving away your position.(I prefer to change the med kits, and stim packs to look like a player). For even more fun, and not to mention difficulty, change the player to something small, such as the little candle, etc...
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Turns the player into a blue skull key. there's a new wad out there called "barrofun.wad" where the player is a barrel and hides amongst other real barrels in DM. Well, this is an old-as-the-hills version of that concept.x

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