Title: spider.zip
Filename: graphics/spider.zip
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Date: 07/20/94
Description: Did you like the baby spider that will be in DOOM II? Well you can have him now!
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This is dated July 1994. It's basically dead by modern standards - you have to use DMGRAPH - but it's a fascinating historical snapshot. As the previous review points out, it's essentially the spider mastermind shrunk down so as to imitate the arachnotrons in the eagerly-anticipated Doom II. I always wondered if there was ever something like this, e.g. a pre-Doom II double-barreled shotgun for Doom I, and I suppose this must be it.x
I'm guessing this is an ancient patch that adds a shrunken Spider Mastermind into Ultimate Doom, to replicate the Arachnotron yet to be released in Doom II?x
Whut the hell is it supposed to do?x

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