Title: T1000 LOOK A LIKES FOR DOOM 3D (PWAD-version)
Filename: graphics/t1000p.zip
Size: 53.8 KB
Date: 03/04/06
Author: Paul Healey
Description: The file replaces the pink demons with a T1000 look a like. It's not exactly like the T1000 in the T2 movie, but it's were the original idea came from. The graphics patch has the same upper body of the T1000 (Silver head, chest, arms etc..) His legs have been replaced with red extended arms. He attacks you by making a huge (I mean HUGE!!) spike come out off his stomach and hitting you. I have also put some sounds in too. I didn't change all the old demon sounds because I thought it was best to leave these. If you disagree add your own sounds.
Credits: Tom Briggs. He and I came up with the original idea. Also he helped me use 3d Studio. (He let me test it on his machine too.) James Healey (my LITTLE brother) Just because he was there to annoy me and Tom while we got on with it. Also he helped me make some of the sound effects.
Base: 50PMAN.3DS
Build time:
Editor(s) used: I created the graphics replacement in 3d Studio (actually I took the 50PMAN.3DS file amd took of his legs, hands and feet.) After it had all been rendered in 3d Studio I took the files into Neopaint and touched them up. (I got them to the right screen size. At one point they were so big their heads went through the ceilings on most of the levels. Also I got rid of some very annoying blue and green dots that appeared around the figures.)
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