Title: UFO (version 2)
Filename: graphics/ufo2.zip
Size: 116.58 KB
Date: 12/07/00
Author: R.A. Snow
Description: This wad simply replaces the Cacodemon with a UFO. New to this version: - converted the Dmgraph patch to wad format - added the missing sprite frames (heada3a7, headb3b7, headc3c7, headd3d7) - clipped the unused space from the images to halve the size of the wad. - adjusted the vertical and horizontal offsets of the sprites. - added four sounds - UFO nearby, sees player, injured and death sounds (see known bugs below).
Credits: - The authors of the modern utilities which make this kind of conversion possible. - Ty Halderman - the Doom Archive Maintainer at Walnut Creek for finally relenting (after 2 years), and allowing me to update the old Dmgraph patches in the archive.
Base: ./idgames/graphics/ufo.zip
Build time: about 3 hours including searching for sounds and testing.
Editor(s) used: Dmgraph, WinTex, DeuTex, Paint Shop Pro
Bugs: - the UFO 'pain' sound is shared with the demons, spectres, Barons, Lost Souls and Hell Knights. - the UFO 'nearby' sound is shared with the demons and spectres.
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