Title: WEIRD.wad
Filename: graphics/weird.zip
Size: 48.77 KB
Date: 08/20/97
Author: Geoff Perry and Ryan Polczer
Description: Use this wad in any Deathmatch level to change the player corpses into the front-view (standing) player bitmap. This is great in deathmatch: as the bodies pile up the result is a bunch of "ghosts" standing around to distract the players and also to provide cover (try standing motionless in a crowd of "ghosts" and you will be mistaken for one).

Also, the animation for the big blood splatter that occurs when a player gets hit really hard has been replaced by an animation of the player bursting into flames.

The wad also replaces all the "Former Human" bitmaps with the bitmaps for Player 1. This makes for a little more confusion, if you play your deathmatch with monsters. Some of the monsters will take the form of the green player, and will also burst into flames if you nail them really hard. The monsters, however, will not leave standing corpses ("ghosts").
Build time: About two or three hours (for each of us)
Editor(s) used: WinTex
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