Title: Doom 3 Hellknight
Filename: graphics/wzombie.zip
Size: 32.53 KB
Date: 01/25/08
Author: Grapefruit66
E-mail: grapefruit66@gazeta.pl
Description: That's a woman zombie who replaces former human. Haven't you ever thought about adding a female character to Doom? Yes, I know - it could ruin all shoot-n-forget gameplay, because it's much easier to exterminate thousands of agamic monsters. So I decided not to make a sexy, busty vampiress (however there are mods who gives you chance to mess with them) but a lady, who would kick your ass in a minute. She's more Gretel Grosse from Wolfenstein than for example Lara. I hope you like it.
Credits: id for a great game?
Base: Modified
Build time: Few days
Editor(s) used: XWE, Paint, IrfanView
Bugs: -
Rating: (18 votes)
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