Title: ZelDoom (splitted version)
Filename: graphics/zeldooms.zip
Size: 424.75 KB
Date: 03/04/06
Author: Thomas and Denton
Description: zelstuff.wad A sword for the chainsaw, a sling for the pistol, magic hands for the shotgun(s), a comic weapon for the plasma gun, a boxing glove for the fist and a comic knight replaces the pink demon. The status bar face is now a nice heart. zellev.wad A demo level with new graphics on the walls and floors. There is no chaingun in it, so there is no honest way to get it. Are you honest?
Credits: Nintendo for making the Legend of Zelda
Base: Last note: if you have the game Zelda on your Super Nintendo, compare the underground dungeon at the very start of the adventure with the shape of my Zeldoom level! I made it the same!
Build time: Way too damn long!
Editor(s) used: WinTex 4.3, WinDeu 5.24, Whatever Else
Bugs: None that we know of...
Rating: (13 votes)
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the Fire Wand needs a sprite,but other than that, this shows how dedicated doom fans can be.x
Make Puzzel solving good ex use switch run to door fast before time runs out find hidden keys dont make it to hard.Make Pretty Textures. Cearate own Monsters for example a Extra monster Bee. when player dies by Bee [Name] Stung by bee Make it work with Zdaemon and other doom online ports. all done also Dont make wad So much like link to the past.Make diffrent weapon reactions like sword only be swinged not used as chainsawx
Needs CD-i stuff, but is an interesting upcoming wad!x

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