Title: Binary Space Partition builder (BSP) 1.1
Filename: historic/bsp11x.zip
Size: 69.69 KB
Date: 09/01/15
Author: Colin Reed, Dylan Cuthbert
Description: The first stable version of BSP, version 1.1: written by Colin Reed and converted to GO32 by Dylan Cuthbert. This build dates to April 11, 1994, and was found by ConSiGno on http://cd.textfiles.com/. This version of BSP was recommended by the authors of BSP, unlike the TC version.
Credits: ConSiGno, Colin Reed, Dylan Cuthbert.
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: [From BSP11X.TXT] A known problem is a conflict between the GO32 dos extender and QEMM's DPMI... put 'set GO32=nodpmi' in your autoexec.bat to avoid problems.
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Csonicgo speaks truthx
A true testament to the Doom community's ingenuity. Doom wasn't even six months old, and it already had a fully-working suite of community-designed editing tools, with BSP generation being the final puzzle to be solved. This very exe launched a revolution in the community and what was expected of future PC games. LEGENDARY.x

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