Title: Computer Gaming World - July 1993 article on Doom
Filename: historic/cgw_doom.zip
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Date: 03/23/11
Author: Chris Lombardi (article) Uploaded to idgames by Simon Howard (fraggle)
Description: This is an article from the July 1993 edition of Computer Gaming World, giving a sneak preview of Doom, which was released later that year. It was mentioned by John Romero and Tom Hall in their 2011 GDC post mortem presentation on Doom, and cited as the first time that Doom was mentioned in a print publication.

I have included the two page review and also the contents pages from the start of the magazine, which include an extra screenshot. The graphics in the screenshots closely resemble those of the Doom 0.4 alpha from April 4th, 1993.
Credits: Computer Gaming World Museum - http://cgw.vintagegaming.org/
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