Title: DOOM v0.99 shareware version
Filename: historic/doom1_0.zip
Size: 2.06 MB
Date: 12/09/93
Description: In order to create a complete collection of historic DOOM versions, as released on the Internet at the time, id Software has allowed to place this file, the v0.99 shareware version of DOOM released on Dec 10, 1993, in the official idgames archive.
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What's with all the official DOOM stuff on this archive not having 5 stars? It's the whole reason we're all on this website. 5 stars, for totally obvious reasons.x
DooM is were it starts pick it up and play it .... you will love it.x
This is dated December 1993; it's the first public release of Doom, a new action-oriented slugathon from the men behind the Commander Keen games. It's tricky to unpack, install, and get working with modern computers, but 0.74 of DOSBox runs it with no problems. SEE! the swastika in E1M4! USE! the pit-raising switch in E1M3! SEARCH FRUITLESSLY! for the secret bit in E1M1! RUN AROUND! 199 health, and 211 armour. Benefits from a fast 486, 8mb memory.x
Hmm... Seems not to work with Windows 7. Damn, would`ve liked to play it.x
This is the best version! I just managed to run it on an IBM 486DX2, 3.7 MB ram, maybe 33 mhz processor (I don't remember lol)! It works smoothly. If you need tips on running Doom on a very old PC, just go here: http://ps-2.kev009.c om:8081/pcpartnerinf o/ctstips/f4a2.htm Or, simply: edit your autoexec.bat file, look for the C:DOSSMARTDRV.EX E line, write REM in front of it, save file, reboot and... happy dooming!x
Cool to find the original release again! I remember this...x
You have to love that E1M8 HOM. -deathz0rx

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