Title: DOOM v1.1 shareware version
Filename: historic/doom1_1.zip
Size: 2.11 MB
Date: 12/15/93
Description: In order to create a complete collection of historic DOOM versions, as released on the Internet at the time, id Software has allowed to place this file, the v1.1 shareware version of DOOM released on Dec 16, 1993, in the official idgames archive.
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The first update to DOOM was released only a few days after the initial shareware only (there is no registered version of DOOM 1.0) release. Fixes a few annoying bugs, mostly crashing-related, but adds a lot of minor new ones as well (for example, the 5th and 6th savegame slots don't work properly). After the release of this and the subsequent negative response from the fanbase, id went back on spent a few months trying to get a lot of problems fixed for 1.2.x

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