Title: DOOM press-release beta version
Filename: historic/doomprbt.zip
Size: 2.5 MB
Date: 10/04/93
Description: In order to create a complete collection of historic DOOM versions, as released to testers at the time, id Software has allowed to place this file, the Oct 4, 1993 press-release beta version of DOOM, in the official idgames archive.
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I'm surprised this was ever released. I wonder if anyone at id would be able to release The build from a visit to id softwarex
I like the old BFG, would have made for an interesting alt fire if hardware had allowed it. The leftover sprites for shell casings flying out of the various guns when fired are also cool, as well as a few other lost sprites. x
A fascinating look into Doom's development, from a little more than two months before the shareware release. Unlike the alphas, this "pre-beta" has near-final gameplay with some interesting differences. Grab some treasure. Type AMO and check out that early BFG. Ride some pain-in-the-ass slow lifts in E1M2. Marvel at the brokenness of E3M5. See E2M2 with a more hellish texture scheme. Then dig into the WAD and look at the completely different sky textures. Shame it didn't come with more maps.x
I wouldn't mind a megawad like this, it would give me nostalgia better than the ultimate doom did!x
A press-release prebeta version of DOOM with 3 demo maps which was sent out to the press in advance of DOOM's release. Has some interesting differences from the first release version (1.0). Barely playable (id was still making many modifications to the game at this point) but an interesting little glimpse into what DOOM was going to be like.x
god like. 5/5 -=R3D=-x
I love it, especially all the bugs in the second map! -deathz0rx

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