Title: Doom I & II - Edge Magazine reviews (1994)
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Date: 03/18/11
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Description: Reviews of Doom I and II featured in the April and November 1994 issues of Edge Magazine, scanned and compiled into a searchable PDF file.
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This is dated April / November 1994. From Edge, the highbrow, serious-minded British gaming magazine. If you're the kind of bore who rates Dexys Midnight Runners' third album you'll love the first review, which pooh-poohs Doom for being an action game. It gets 7/10, the same score that Edge gave Doom III. In contrast, the Doom II review is pretty much spot-on. Sadly, both reviews are uncredited.x
There were people in 1994 that didn't like Doom, believe it or it. The PC was known in the early 90's as boosting lots of Strategy, Simulation, Adventure type games - and great ones. Doom wasn't about that, obviously. But there were veteran PC gamers that only wanted 'thinking' games and scoffed at "mindless" shooters and such. The screenshots in this review are absolutely stellar, which makes this worth a download.x
I disagree with the above comments. The review may have some inconsistencies (yes, green/black berserk packs; okay, an editor would've helped) but it is an objective one. It IS a game of mindless slaughter (one of the reasons I dig it, but it seems repititious to him) and since at the time the 1st person shooter wasn't the dominant force it is now, his critique seems fair. x
While the review itself wasn't the best, this is an important piece of DOOM history. -Marnetmarx
very attractive..x
Interesting read, it's good to have copies of things like this. That being said the reviewer was gravely misinformed and is not viable as any sort of real review and is just there for entertainment/novelt y purposesx
A very interesting review, for its time. Be forewarned that it's a -relatively- negative review , and the terms used -e.g. calling it "Doom - Evil Unleashed" and Medikits "Medipacks" suggests that the reviewer mish-mashed half-facts and previous, early reviews of the betas/press releases. There's a constant theme of lamenting vs "poor interactivity", suggesting that the reviewer was an adventure game junkie. An interesting read, though -Maesx

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