Title: Quake III Arena GPL source release
Filename: idstuff/source/quake3-1.32b-source.zip
Size: 5.46 MB
Date: 08/19/05
Author: id Software
Description: While we made sure we were still able to compile the game on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac, this build didn't get any kind of extensive testing so it may not work completely right. Whenever an id game is released under GPL, several projects start making the source code more friendly to nowaday's compilers and environements. If you are picking up this release weeks/months/years after we uploaded it, you probably want to look around on the net for cleaned up versions of this codebase as well.
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*drops mouth*x
hmmm.....i kinda expected DOOM stuff here but yeah, Quake 3 is awsome!x
Oh My God! Hurray! x
This is the Quake 3 source code, so what else is there to say other than WOOT! 5/5x

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