Title: Team Arena Map Pack 1
Filename: idstuff/teamarena/map_paks/TA_mappak1b.zip
Size: 15.87 MB
Date: 02/18/01
Description: This map pack contains four team-style maps approved for use with id Software’s Quake III: Team Arena™ computer game. Their creators are some of the most talented mapmakers in the Quake community. Working together with id designer Paul Jaquays, Quake3World Level Editing forum moderator AstroCreep, Mr. Elusive, the bot A.I. programmer for both Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena, and Drunken Boxer, Quake3World Capture the Flag and Team Arena forum moderator, these artisans have created some truly fine playgrounds for Team Arena.
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this mappack doesn't even deserve an 2, it's awful. better get 3wave map packs, THOSE are the REAL DEAL! 0* -Cyberdemon666x
This is the first official map pack released for Team Arena! Unfortunately the maps are not that great and are out of style. The map pack 2 was much better than this! Sorry. 2/5 -Doomer95x

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