Title: idctf1
Filename: idstuff/unsup/idctf1.zip
Size: 772.58 KB
Date: 12/31/96
Author: Tim Willits
Description: This map is e1m5 converted into a capture the flag level.
Credits: Dave Kirsch (Zoid) for the CTF progs. Brian Cozzens (Whaleboy) for the additional GFX. John Cash for helpful input and beta testing Steve Tietze for helpful input and beta testing. Christain Antkow (Disruptor) for helpful input and beta testing. And all the unnamed Rangers who helped test.
Base: Converted level
Build time: One weekend
Editor(s) used: Quake Ed3 by John Carmack
Bugs: None
Rating: (1 vote)
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Darn, I was really hoping this would be a WAD!x

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