Useful stuff here.x
Great work, thanks a lot.x
There are some very useful textures here, 5/5.x
Very useful. 5/5x
Useful textures, although easy to overuse. 5/5x
I like these textures, they look good. Im gonna use them to make make my first level Dethbeth.wad and I think you will like that level when it comes out in the future. 5/5 -Dqeyx
Nice overall ... like the previous reviewer said "its a good mix of "Hey that looks useful" and "ew". Can't have too many textures to choose from ... solid 4x
To the reviewer above me, get one of the following programs: WinTex, XWE, SlumpEd. Get this, its possible to see the textures without a demo level. Didn't see that one coming, did you? As far as the textures themselves, as stated they are all just simple recolors, and its a good mix of "Hey that looks useful" and "ew". But there is some stuff in here that is worth looking at, as some of it makes the 13 year old textures look a little more "fresh". 3.5, rounded gives **** - MasterOFDeathx