Gorgeous, atmospheric fantasy-themed levels. Absolute blast to play with GMOTA: that mod's gameplay and this wad's environments and visual style are such a perfect match, almost like playing some old arcade brawler transformed in first person. Only flaws are few switch-huntey parts and overall shortness of this episode. I really hope that Shadowman is planning some sort of sequel.x
Getsu Fune
totally cool woodsy mapset from Shadowman. music is silly but lively. MAP05 rules.x
"Nice visuals, but folk music" Same. Maps are really gorgeous and gameplay is more than enjoyable... but what's the deal with weird Folk-meets-JRPG music? This deserves some kind of "least appropriate choice of soundtrack in a Doom wad" award!:Dx
Nice visuals, but folk music...x
Там ;ожl 5;я дае ;т доб ;ро !x
Nice visual set! I love it, especially map 01 and 05!x
Many texture makke me boringx
Im not the lover of vanilla andlimit-removing wads, but Khorus seems to be interesting for me. Nice music set, doom-quake style, dark rooms and.. the atmosphere.. i give 5 stars to authorx
Pretty solid short mapset, I have to admit it does remind me of epic 2 and i'm afraid it isn't as good in my opinion, still 4 stars though.x
The music is the horror. The gameplay is awful. It's a clusterfuck of switch hunting, narrow passages, stupid labirynths, switches doing nobody knows what. Also there's not enough ammo. The maps appearance is very good but everything else is crap. 1/5 - Zalewax
While it certainly looks nice and some of the maps have neat progression (eg. the water map), the placement of hitscanners is the worst I've seen in a while. It's a shame to see the author of some of the most atmospheric and scariest maps making what essentially is a poor copy of Epic 2 with a poor copy of Doom2 map08 and a pretty dumb project name. 3/5x
Visually speaking, this wad is pretty top-notch. The lack of hellish-themed maps on all wads these days seem devoid of concern from authors, and this wad is no exception. My main problem with this wad is that, while shadowman has gone to great trouble to make very aesthetically appealing levels, he puts the dumbest, happiest, lamest, un-ignorable, and least-fitting music (especially Map 07) to a wad that I HAVE EVER SEEN! No, seriously, it ruins the whole game... 3/5 (3 stars for top-notch visuals).x
Map01 showed so much promise for the project, but other than Map05 (which has a strong Curse of D'sparil feel) the rest of the maps are very square and repetitive. 4/5 because of those two maps. Project name makes me feel dirty, like it's riding on that author's "popularity" or somethingx
Looks awesome, and plays just fine, certainly acceptable if not extraordinary. An easy 5 star decision and worth a Cacoward.x
Excellent visuals, so so gameplay.x
An atmospheric mapset with one hell of a blast of a gameplay! Some of the music tracks I felt that didn't fit right, but otherwise this is a solid 5 stars material. Give it a shot.x
Looks very very promising at the start, but then many maps (mostly "catacomb" ones) disappoint with tons of symmetry/repetition and monotonous visuals. But still a good ride overall.x
Very atmospheric and easy on the eyes. This wad caught me by surprise in a very good way. I recommend playing this.x
Very nice wad! Visuals are excellent and architecture is interesting. Worth a playthrough. 5/5 from me.x