It is well done. They are great maps, oh and OMG! was that the Maridia music from Super Metroid on map 6?!!! That was fucking fun hearing that one again! Well done! 5/5x
Very good - polished maps, visually pleasing, with good gameplay and a natural flow. Ammo is a bit tight in the beginning, but it gets better soon enough. My only real complaint: too short. 4.5/5 - ZZx
Loved it! 5/5 -Aenimax
I don't need to review it... I JUST LOVE IT!x
I don't know. The maps are solid but for some reason they just don't play right. There are some WTF moments where you go into one direction only to discover that it's a dead-end. 2/5 - Zalewax
Pretty darn good. Solid 4*x
This is the type of set Doom is made for. :) Easily 5/5.x
Wad explores unusual gameplay themes: on MAP01 you are mostly using pistol, while on MAP04 your primary weapon is RL. But you get some traditional action as well. Many maps are quite dark, with rather insignigicant lighting changes. Some may enjoy this "dusk" theme; to me it made the levels look rather plain. Some secret areas are weird: they're not hidden, you just don't necessarily have to visit them. Overall, a curious piece of classic dooming; I would do many things differently but who wouldn't?x