I loved it. Very great looking map with great architecture. Fun and beautiful!x
Great map.x
A very impressive and original offering by Mouldy. The architecture and texturing is a sight to behold, the layout and flow is great, and the difficulty level was just right in my opinion. This map has a lot of character; it's very unique and I highly recommend it. 5/5 stars.x
wretched map. Unpalatable . There may be a moron , who practice for many years , and will guide you through , but I want to play , not a circus stunt. 0/5x
playing on low difficulty settings helps if you don't want to save too often.x
Beautiful map with a wonderful and unique design. The battles were fun and it's nice to see a non-linear map every now and then. To the people that say it's too difficult, honestly I don't think that should affect your review. Also, it took me 3 saves total to beat it on UV on the first run, so...yeah.x
I like too much!!!!x
From what I saw the scenery is epic but unfortunately it lags pretty bad with brutal doom. x
Not a cacowards material, sry. this map is not that good as people say. it may be epic, but not very fun. x
Amazing architecture. Great gameplay. Fun arenas and good weapon balance. I would argue that the last part was a little too easy - you get a huge surplus of rockets and cells, as well as an invulnerability sphere. On the flipside, it felt nice after the difficult fights that came before it. 5/5x
wonderful design and hard level..but exit lift has an error. I jumped with crouchingx
Good fun, nice design and lots of monsters. Just too difficult for me though, needs for health pickups.x
Is a bitch at times, but not impossible. Good in design and has excellent visuals. ****x
I found the gameplay really challenging, and the architecture to be pretty good. Prepare for some hectic gameplay at the end part! Two thumbs up from me. 4/5. -TRRobin.x
Yeah, sure the map looks nice and all but I have to agree with the comment above me. It's just way too hard to enjoy. I mean, I'm a pretty good at Doom and I gave this WAD a lot of tries but I just don't have the drive to go any further. I'll give it a 3/5 though. I just wish the difficulty was a bit more balanced.x
This level looks really great. lots of stairways, architecture... then some dumass put a BILLION MONSTERS in it!!! EVERYWHERE!!! IDDQD + IDFA = C.R.A.P. no fun.. shoot shoot blast it ........ BORING!!! BORING!!! ETC.etc.etc.etc. 0/5 x
The architecture is amazing, but its too hard to enjoy. 4/5x
this map looks gorgeous -scientistx
Great semi-slaughter WAD. Extremely detailed and entertainingly tough. A must have. 4/5x
The map itself looks quite nice and has a pretty nice theme too. The gameplay is pretty good too, eventhough it can still use some refinement in certain areas. Overall 5/5 because the map looks nice and its pretty challenging.x
mouldy is a true artist! the gameplay could have been a wee bit better, but the overall design of the map is breathtaking. legendary //dannex
There's a lot of love in this map, and while I personally think the visual design is often a bit busy, it's certainly an impressive architectural feat. Therefore, I assign a positive rating!x
Very intense :)x