Well I give it a 4-star as a constructive criticism, since it is astonishing how a 6-year old can make better maps than anyone who released wads like WOW or the Gamarra series, just to mention any. The remaining one star is the goal to fulfil in your future works, Dylan! :)x
Who ever gave this a 0 is a scumbag.......This was made by a 6 year old....... i give it 4 stars because of the effort put into this....and because of the fact that Doom was around almost 4 times as long as the kid Great Work !x
Having played this, I think they are remarkable for a 6 year old. Kudos to you little one. You've made us proud!x
The maps are pretty good for 6 yr old and i am 11 so i do have to give him a thumbs up! But some maps were hard so i used god mode!x
It was quite fun and very good for a 6 year old kid. Better then my first maps. And I was 11.x
This WAD is not good - obviously - but idc how old the author is. Nonetheless, still one star because if you can already map at 6 then you're gonna do great ;)x
Noob wad, but it is average, make some kdizd2, please! 3/5x
"May not run with: Doom 3" rofl'd Not so much detail on the maps, but they were pretty fun. good job.x
Considering this was made by a 6 year old kid, this is actually pretty damn good. I was especially fond of the surprise baron and cyberdemon at the start of map 3. As a fellow mapper, I think you're gonna do great out there kiddo.x
Maps from my 0 hour old son. 0/5 - Netherstormx
it's unplayable, and it's just boxes without ideas he should learn about the builder before making mapsx
Is it pathetic that he can map better than some people on here?x
I'm not sure why you uploaded this. All the maps are obviously awful; yes a 6 year old made them, but that doesn't excuse the matter of fact.x
Not bad for a beginner, but it is clearly the work of one.x
Get'em lil guy!x
At face values, these maps are pretty poor with the quality decreasing as you proceed. The maps are pretty flat and ugly but the gameplay is pretty nice. This is a real achievement for someone so young. 3 starsx
I am giving this wad 5 stars because for starters,it was made by a 6 year old.That alone shows that the young man is intelligent.The maps are okay,but as he gets older,of course he'll get better.While I'm not a mapper myself,I have played enough wads to know what's good an what's not.Keep up the good work young man.Also,the best of luck to you.You deserve it!x
the first map is hard stuff (w/o bfg9k use), but cool. Like the trap, I was like, "Should I skip this?". Good for starters. ~2/5x
MAP05 doesn't crash in PRBoom+ or chocolate doom from load up.x
I've seen much, much worse. Still, you should probably leave map-making to professionals, preferably those who have reached puberty and have some degree of computer expertise.x
It has that nifty 1994 shovelware vibe. First time I've seen a horde of cyberdemons too. But last map crashes at load time, so only 4/5.x
Not much to say here. All maps can be cleared without even firing a bullet. Since these were made by a 6 year old, I won't too harsh.x
This wad sucks!!!!!!!x