If this WAD needed other IWADs but not DooM 2 please wrote it into the damn TXT file, seriously, I try run it with DooM 2 IWAD and I get many of HoMs... Very hard at UV and may cause you feel boring if you hate such design...back tracking also made this even worse. And I feel weird at most levels' layout... 3/5 -playerlinx
Hitscanners and pain elementals everywhere. Constantly confusing layouts. A real chore to play.x
Pros: -Teleporting monsters popping out of everywhere -Level design. The hellish plague is really nice with the sudden teleporting to hell back and forth. Cons: -The key and door system flow is a bit hard to understand -Difficult to find exitx
Too many darned stupid annoying switch and key hunts!!! got annoyed and quit around map 20something. DooM is about shooting stuff up, not wandering around empty labyrinths for ages, wondering where that missing switch is and cursing the wad's author...x
Decent detailing. Better than some others that have a higher rating.x
Pure Hellspawn
Tough. Map20 was a nightmare for me. 4/5.x
It was pretty decent. I can tell the author put a lot of time and effort into this WAD. (7 years, holy crap lol) 4/5x
From the reviews, I didn't know what to expect. If you don't like vanilla-flavored stuff, you probably won't like this: although there's the occasional ZDoom effect, it all feels very "Solid 90's" in terms of mapping. Nothing too bad here, couldn't find any of the aforementioned HOMs but overall I see this as a humble little oldschool-style set. Nice little traps placed around too that keep you on your toes.x
Man this is tough but not unbeatable makes beating each level all the more satisfying.x
Ugly? More like "pretty darn good" at best. Some of the maps are goodly detailed and they all have great gameplay. The effects in the maps are good as well, especially with map03. But yes, the maps do get a little dull after a while. I could see the Doom 3 style in some of these maps. But all that said, I loved this. 4/5 - Netherstorm x
These maps aren't bad, but they lack that "certain something". The first few maps you'll play will be fine; after that, you'll find it more and more repetitive and boring. There's nothing to keep things fresh, neither in terms of design nor gameplay; the term "dull" from above is spot-on. I appreciate the effort that went into this, but I'd rather play 1 good map than 32 bland ones. Sorry, just 2/5. - ZZx
Good technique at mapping. I'm playind the first levels on ultraviolence. Saves are required, hard maps; fine map design and creative effects.x
Starts out wimpy then picks up speed fast. Overall, with 32 levels, there's some hits and misses, but the design and monster placement are solid and it continually delivers a challenge. 4/5x
Minimal and sleek texturing, but can be dull sometimes. But this wad can kick your ass when it comes for monsters and their placement. For those who seek challenge in UV.x
Techbases, hell maps, and combinations of the two. Switch and keycard hunts, oh joy! The new textures in some of the hell maps are nice, though. Otherwise, it's just more of the same level designs that should have been left behind in the 90s.x
Ugly map. Average.x
first impressions of this are that it is a (for once) serious wad by an author who knows what he is doing, I like the design of the levels as well as placement of items and monsters 5/5x