I love story-based maps for DooM, and it sure plays well! Have so much fun on map1-15 and 31+32, but lose patient afterward and started do cheat...:p I don't care I feel annoying on some level's design/stupid battles, this should be 5/5 for sure. -playerlinx
Pretty good wad tbh. The complementing story was a nice addition, although an editing pass would've been good to correct some errors, and the continuous nature between the maps made it feel like a single cohesive experience. Detailing was generally well done, with some impressive visuals using mostly vanilla resources. The gameplay is generally good but not particularly memorable or difficult, with TWO annoying IoS speedrun maps. 3/5x
This is amazing, this is one of the best megawads ever made. A story-driven megawad with quality gameplay and healthy, fair challenge (for the most part). Beating this was the most genuine feeling of triumph that I have ever felt when playing Doom. You should play it, but be warned it's a hard son of a bitch on UV.x
Very well done,5/5x
Has some rather cool maps. Nice progression and story. Enjoyed it a lot.x
Really liked this a lot. Could use more good stuff like this.x
Greatly exceeded expectations. While some maps have a rather crude appearance, the strength of this megawad is gameplay. This flows nicely and keeps the player busy, with some tight spots but nothing extremely hard. Recommend!x
Getsu Fune
really cool progressive wad.x
Great mapset! Excellent monster to health/weapons/ammo ratio, most fights were fair to me, I only died 2 times in whole megawad (in maps 1 and 15). I had no problems with whatever traps/monsters appeared in my way with exceptions of two above. I did bonus maps 33,34 and 35 as well, though I admit I used CHANGEMAP to not lose my inventory. I used AEOD to freshen things up, hope I didn't break the balance of maps. I give this wad 5*x
Nice looking levels and monster placement.x
Pretty cool. I like the continuity and some of the maps layouts. 4/5x
Not mindblowing but some nice stuff from lesser-known community authors, with some levels interminably cramped. The deadline was a boon in terms of making sure every map wasn't an overwrought Boom masterpiece. I wouldn't mind seeing a Hadephobia 2 where Doomguy rams his Ark ship into the demon armada.x
Great balanced gameplay in all levels, with fairly generous weapon and ammo placement. The idea of levels flowing into each other like one big story, was done well here. The level designs don't differ too much, but they are consistently good to great, and always fun. I'm going to give it the full 5. -TRRobin.x
Very solid map set with some very memorable moments. The maps range from average to excellent. Best maps are 10,17,18,20,25 and 29. No maps annoyed me too much. The music was reasonably well done but the story section sort of was hit and miss. Anyway this is well worth a punt. 4 starsx
Overall a not-extraordinary but decent megawad, worth it as a pastime. The story kind of fizzles TBH, but the continuous levels are still cool and you can fully play all of it ignoring the story if you want w/o any consequence, so I'll just ignore that aspect but continuous levels give it a bit of a boost still. My favorites are probably many of Purist's but definitely Map20 and Map29 are his two best; others would possibly be 10, 17, 18, and finally 25 for its excellent lava sequence.x
Really great megawad. Probably the best community project I've played in years.x
Very enjoyable. 5/5x
5/5 I love it!x
Things went pretty good overall, but I do wish I made my Map 27 better. Thanks to Purist it didn't stink a lot, but hey. First map released in here is bound to have some sort of smell. Speaking of which, you have to hand it to Purist. He was fixing stuff right and left everywhere and he made this project much better than it was. We should do a second one now that we know what we should work on. x
Pros - Levels all lead into each other (!) - very atmospheric - reasonable difficulty curve - some cool architecture - most midi's were pretty sweet Cons - very cramped map design in a lot places - lots of detailing to get snagged on. It really hurt the experience All in all definitely worth playingx
This is when we mix Doom gameplay with story driven map design, the result is pretty neat for single player experience, although less surreal than A.L.T. Big plus for not doing yet another IOS map for finale and for fatalistic, unhappy ending. ;-) x
Most awesome megawad since a long time! I like the design and ideas of several levels. One common occurence that is bad though is several areas are too small/cramped and still tough fights inside. 4.5/5 - Optimusx
It's OK, but not great. I didn't care so much for the storyline (not much new there, really), and if you don't read it, the maps are actually just the same: not much new there, either. They look okay, and they play okay, but that's all. Granted, I only played to map 4 or 5, and maybe they get better - but if a WAD doesn't give me a reason to continue playing by then, I'm not inclined to spend more time on it. 3/5. - ZZx
A solid megawad that as a package is worth more than the sum of it's parts. Most of the authors involved will agree that they are still improving but everyone can be pleased with their contributions here -- purist.x
I'm quite happy that I could give the idea for this WAD. =) I think, everything went very well. - Katamori (author of MAP01 and MAP21)x
Well designed maps, good continuity, interesting story. Overall, well done!x
A big wad that has too little content to justify its length - and it's all stock content, anyway! Kind of like DTS-T without the 94' styled maps and advanced features. I skimmed through with IDCLEV, most of them are generic nondescript techbase/outdoor/hel l maps. Lost of obligatory wimpy monsters and switches thrown in, as if reflecting E1 magically makes everything fun.x
Pretty darn good. Everything flows well, but some maps just look BAD. Then again, all community maps have to have a few stinkers now and again.x
It's the only community mapset with a sense of continuity, it has good maps (that aren't ridiculously oversized or complicated either), and yet you say it's just okay? If you really think that, give a reason at least - come on!x
it's alright i guess.......x
It's okay, a bit mellow-dramatic w/ the story. Needs some wolfensteinss and bossbrain. Needs to be @ least funny or otherwise something to tell us to take a break. ~3/5x