Ribbiks is a god, and he's quickly becoming quite possibly the best mapper in Doom history. This is just an outstanding project with tremendous execution and difficulty. I love the way that the battles are designed and the environment he creates is second to none. I hope his sequel to this is just as good, even if UV is shaping up to be obscenely difficult. x
Sick wad.x
Very good wad focusing on interesting and difficult arena-style encounters. Bonus points for no serious Pain Elemental spam. Needs more purple though. 4 rage-inducing Archviles out of 5 rage-inducing Archviles. x
A level set with a uniquely strong sense of theme that goes beyond it's colour scheme into its heavily setpiece styled, skill demanding action, which often feel like cruel monster puzzles. Too hard for me to finish, even after swallowing my pride and dropping difficulty levels, but a compelling experience while I lasted. x
The most hardest wad I ever played and it's totally 5 out of 5 Rip and Tear!!!x
Beautiful level design, and gameplay is mostly great fun. But, I dislike Ribbiks' obsession with starting the maps with idle groups of monsters. Boring way to start the maps IMO. Hopefully Sunlust won't be as obnoxious with that.x
Impressive architecture and detailing, but monotonous slaughterfest gameplay that involves a lot of quicksaving/quickloa ding, at least for me. Despite the beautiful layouts I honestly got bored with the gameplay. Same with SWTW.x
A great Hell Revealed style wad with a nice purple colour theme running throughout. The difficulty and ammo placement is balanced enough (as far as these kind of wads go). Unfortunately as with most of these "Slaughter" wads; this does suffer some of the same tropes of predictability, repetition, and frustration. But it is probably one of the more balanced and enjoyable of them. It gets a 4 but no more. -TRRobin.x
@ ^: Well, slaughterfests differ completely in gameplay phylosophy. Traditional DooM gameplay is a mix of strategy, tactics, and variation in style and intensity. Slaughtermaps usually try to place as many monsters per square inch as possible, whereby the only thing a player needs to do, is finding a walk path creating massive infights. Therefore SF gameplay is imho extremely monotonous and boring. And yes, IMHO the gameplay (BTW for sure not too difficult @ UV) completely ruined this mapset. It's a pity.x
Another potentially decent wad ruined by being made a damned I the only doomer that HATES slaughterfests?x
Visually impressive and quality gameplay. x
Just Beautiful! Gameplay and Look 5/5 ! UV is sooooo hard and I love it :)x
Incredibly fun and innovative gameplay!!!!x
Getsu Fune
purple fucking rules, insane slaughter levels and design, particularly the last two maps. but fuck the platforming bullshit.x
Much for the visuals, but also for the gameplay. Excellent.x
Eh, I really didn't enjoy playing this and "Whales" at all, I guess this type of gameplay most definitely isn't for me. Way to frustrating. It is well made for what it is, obviously, and it seemingly has a lot of fans, so I aint gonna rate it any lower. x
I won't play other wads made by Ribbiks anytime soon. Player couldn't evade a Revenant's fireball/5.x
Beautiful levels with nice music, and certainly beatable on UV if you figure the strategy behind each room. The people that complain about difficulty are probably used to beating every level on the first try on UV or something, can't quite figure why else they'd be complaining.x
Fantastic mix of small, tough fights, cool setpieces, and slaughter arenas with a great if maybe overly contrasting set of visual themes. Lots of thought in the gameplay here, UV will thrash you if you choose it for your first playthrough. hey big robb, dial down the difficulty level scrublordx
Fuck I love purple. x
It's great but hard as hell.x
Whether you like this or not will largely depend on how much "incidental" vs. "setpiece" you like in a map. Stardate has setpiece battles where monsters either pop-in, teleport in, or come from closets, and stretches of doing nothing but wandering- the overall style actually reminds me a lot of a harder Painkiller, built in Doom. If that sounds appealing, you will like this. I personally prefer maps that lean more towards the "incidental combat" side of the spectrum, so the stop-and-go pacing left me dry.x
Right on man! We had a hell of a lot of fun play testing this and it really made a big difference in the end product! Top quality mapping and very well refined game play make this on heck of a good wad.x
Just outstanding!x
Well, the visuals are very nice, but the gameplay is based on pure luck. I don't imagine beating this without massive save game reloads. Even on easiest difficulty. And this is horrible...x
Clearly one of the best wads released in 2013. Nice mixture of slaughter gameplay and close-quarter deadly situations. 20X6/5.x
Very fine maps with dedicated visuals and awesome gameplay. A bit hard for me, but nothing to mark it down for. 5/5x
Challenging but also tends to be very predictable. Hit a switch, all doors and escapes close, and lots of monsters teleport in for battle. Also I have yet to see any BFG9000 weapon in any level. x
outstanding atmosphere, must play. x
excellent...5 étoiles...genre...x
Legendary material. It's really well crafted when it comes to both gameplay and architecture, with the purple being the last touch that makes it legendary. x
Starts out purple and ends up... purple. It's well designed, but the monsters tend to show up through "surprise" ways": walls opening, teleporting, hidden doors, etc. You start to expect it. I wish designers were more judicious with that feature; then I wouldn't realize every single empty room/hallway is gonna fill up with enemies. 4* - SirSpoonx
A good wad with an original look, feel and gameplay. Difficulty is one of the hardest I've ever played on UV, though who plays a set piece slaughter wad on anything else? This gets 3 stars because its simply too difficult to hold the vast majority of doomers attention. Play this if you've finished combat shock and sunder and want more.x
Oh,quit your blathering and just say how good the map is.5/5x
It's pretty good maps and good fun. However, if your PC can't handle the graphic rendering, then prepare to grade it lower. ~3/5x
very nice 5/5x
Lots of stock content in the WAD, some of which has slight palette remapping for a couple extra purple pixels. Really, take away the purple and you have some well designed but uninspired brown and grey techbases, brown caves, and brown wood/metal maps. This becomes apparent after the novelty of the purple textures wears off, which is quite soon.x
Great wad mixing slaughter gameplay with the smaller, more cramped death destiny style leading to very vicious gameplay. I wish there was more purple in these maps as this wad is overwhelmed with brown and grey texturing which give a certain style which differentiates from the wads overall goal apart from the gameplay which it does achieve. 4 stars x
Deserves 5* even just for the purple colour only! - Katamorix
good workx