A massive city map that manages to balance nice aesthetics with great core gameplay. Difficulty is challenging without being OTT or slaughtery. A rewarding map to go through.x
Getsu Fune
if you play very carefully you can avoid damage for most of the map like I did, the last area of the map was great.x
Huge city map. Technically superb, lots of detailing, very good texture use, good ambiance, but maybe a bit too much copy-and-paste work, and often way too dark. Gameplay is a sort of city guerilla action; if you don't mind an awful lot of snipers, dull monster popups, a zillion of barons & AVs, and 4 cybies @ UV, then this might be your map, otherwise play it st least for its ambiance. Not legendary mostly due to its gameplay flaws, but overall absolutely 4*. BTW clever strafing makes UV almost easy.x
Great design but way too many monsters, including loads which continuously teleport in, make it a tedious slog. I eventually got bored and gave up. 4* for design 1* for gameplay and uneven difficulty levels 2* overall x
Amazing map, the very detail in this map really took me by surprise and in all honesty, this map would be perfect if it weren't for the enemy placement and choice. I kept dying within the first 5 minutes, and it forced me to occasionally go god-mode and back just to get the health I need, same for ammo. And that's the only reason why I cant call it 5-stars. Oh and playing this with the lasting light mod is amazing, just sayin'x
There's no real limitation in Doom mapping- the sky's the limit. Oh, did I mention there's something actually reached the sky? Check this out.x
Omg, how great city level!!!x
I don't think it's too hard, I think it's just right. 1000 monsters and I didn't feel overwhelmed. Great work.x
This map kicked my ass near the last quarter, and I swore in frustration, but once it was all done I can say I enjoyed the whole thing. Hitscanners mixed in with regular mobs were never hidden away, which was appreciated. The one thing I would change is how the difficulty ramps up so dramatically about three quarters in - it really took me by surprise, and I wasn't a fan of the massive melee at the end. x
The doom2 hell on earth we have all been waiting for. Yes the difficulty is challenging and requires lots of saving to complete the map but the map itself is just captivating and awe-inspiring. Best city map I have ever seen in my life, even in modern games you dont see quality this good. Truely epic, great job DooMknight. 5/5 x
This wad does a really good job of making a good looking cityscape using stock textures...unfortuna tely, the gameplay in that city is completely two dimensional and boring. The map just drags on forever too; I gave up when I ran out of ammo after two arch-viles revived everything I had killed on the way to finding a locked door and I had no ammo left to fight them with.x
Aebeatia Sookies
It's a great "looking" map, but you haven't made it easy enough on ITYTD for casual players to enjoy. Sure you can make it a tough challenge on UV, but not on ITYTD. There's just too many enemies in the first outside area.x
This one is a little tough. And its AMAZINGLY great looking. I just love it.x
Texas Libra
While the detail is awesome the difficulty leaves much to be desired. Putting an armor vest well outside the start area after you've been whittled down to 30% health & a Baron with lots of rockets near it yet no rocket launcher as far as the eye can see is just plain stupid. I may give it one more play but for now I feel this is nothing more than catering to the "lotz o monsturz YEAH" fanboy crowd. 2/5x
One of the best maps I have ever seen in doom, the details are fantastic. When my source port is actually having issues you know you have a good map on your hands lol. 5/5 well deserved, didn't finish the map yet but it's great from what I saw.x
one of the best city style mapx