Getsu Fune
quick funx
As expected the design is pretty basic but it's cheap thrills and fundamentals. Worth a play.x
This wad is a lot of fun. It is the most fun I have had in a doom wad in a long time. The use of 100 linedef limit is extremely impressive. Especially E1M7. That level is huge for 100 linedefs. I highly recommend this wad. It definitely deserves a mention in the next cacowards!x
I feel the use of lines was very well done in most of these maps. There is a fair amount of gameplay considering the limit, and the architecture is sufficient but at the same time, clearly few if any lines were 'wasted' to provide extra detail, which is the very point of this concept IMO. E1M7 was a bit excessive with the lift locations but it's not that big of a deal, and it did make the level feel quite big for its limit! 4/5x
I thought this was pretty damned awesome. Great Knee Deep feel, outstanding use of limited lines. I especially liked E1M5 -- very tricky design -- and the incredible E1M8 boss map. Excellent execution of a cool concept there. Died many times before I won, but always felt encouraged to keep going. Well done!x
Interesting concept, short levels with good gameplay. Not much more to say. The last level was difficult, which is a good thing.x
Dat TITLEPIC. Level design is a bit of a mixed bag - some good stuff here, some not-so-good. The huge, slow lifts are particularly annoying.x
A short dose of fun, just don't expect it to last too long. It's better than massive overscaled confusing maps.x
Surprisingly good episode despite the 100 lines limitations on each map. x
Not bad considering it's constraints, 3 starsx
Ugly, amateour maps!!! 1 star.x
these maps are so little, yet I like them a lot! 4 beardsx
Simplicity can be interesting, lots of close range hitscanner fights, and while open slanted rooms. You'll mostly fight hitscanners imps and demons. x
It was good but I wasn't at all fond of the damaging floor in the boss room, died before the floor lowered for me to escape.x
nicolas monti
Very nice episode, good gameplay and visuals, the perfect use of very limited resources gives us an idea of the author's potential.x
Not bad but the boss level is pretty good.x
Very good considering it's constraints, 4 starsx
5/5 very fun and i managed to have to resurrect twice ( i didnt feel like repeating a level over agian) e1m7 was too confusing for me to win thoughx
It's not bad, but ultimately it's nothing special, either.x