Getsu Fune
a FUN waste of time for me.x
Half of the maps are nuts.wad and the other half is just shit. From all the maps maybe one or two maps can be saved but that's it.x
Some pretty fun maps, mixed with some not so fun maps. Quality control might have been more effective if there was only one wad covering 32 levels instead of two to cover 64. x
I think I went a bit insane when playing this. The 100lineN WAD is an absolute abomination and should burn in hell. Levels in the 'traditional' WAD range from horrid crap to somewhat okay, but this doesn't save this project. I also loved how you can skip difficult fights in most levels by pushing to exit. Excellent waste of time - 0/5.x
Jayextee rules! Just played 900 Deep in the Dead and forget about this.x
Could've been a really fresh, interesting concept if executed properly, but alas, this is a far cry from concept wads of yesteryear. The occasional map pulls an interesting idea and places smackdab, front and center, but these maps are often drowned in a sea of mediocrity. This reminded me of the 5 Minute Megawad in a lot of spots, and I can't say that's necessarily a good thing. Meh.x
Found several bugs: in 100lineT.wad: wrong mapnames displayed in map12 and map20, many unclosed sectors in map21 causing bad visual glitches, missing step texture in map27 causing HOM. In 100lineN.wad: in map17 many unclosed sectors causing horrid visual glitches, wrong mapnames displayed in intermission screen of map15, map17, map20,map30. Please fix'em all. Next time remember to check Doom Builder map analysis before releasing maps.x
I am trickled, this is a good average wad, there is a lot of open space and monsters are very plentiful in all the levels, you sometimes at points find yourself surrounded by imesurable amounts of demons. I played this through to the end, hint use GOD mode and infinite ammo. 3/5 Average.. pretty goodx
pretty darn goodx
The effort into making 100 lines maps makes for a somewhat boring experience player-wise. Maybe a more limited selection of about 8-10 levels would have been appropriate.x
MAP17 from the non-trad level set is a hilariously painful level, my god. 29 also required a lot of luck with the pain elementals. but the levels are so short that it's no trouble to have another go! :3x
The Traditional MegaWAD has some good maps in it and, overall, makes for an impressive display of what's possible in the limit. As you can whip through the whole thing in under an hour (from pistol starts, noless) it's worth checking out. However, the Non-Traditional one is... Well, far from my tastes. I quit after about 12 levels, deciding it was a waste of time. 3* for Traditional and a nice whopping 1 for the Non-Traditional.x
Participating on this was a great experience. I give 4/5 because the concept and its various executions are pretty darn good, but it's true that there are also worse maps and if we wanted to be perfect, we could do some quality control. On the other hand, for this kind of wads it's good to have many different people and styles involved, to see all the interesting ways to deal with the limitation.x
A decent idea with moderate execution, a tad bit of fun all around. Maps encourage revisiting areas and sneakily hiding monsters using limited lines. As triangles shave off one line from a rectangle, they're the most economic solution. Some good maps, some bad/boring maps. 4/5x
Awful. Only two maps in this entire wad were fun playing. There's a massive amount of slaughter-type moments where it isn't necessary; most of the maps are not fun to play at all; the maps look awful even considering the massive limit, and there's a major problem with TRIANGLES in this wad. Seriously, there's way too many triangles in this wad and it only emphasizes the concept this wad has. This is the worst community project I've ever seen in my life.x
Glad to be the part of another community project! =)x
100 lines is a really balanced limit I have to say. -joe-ilya-x