Short, Simple but great!x
Short, simple and fun maps with a great original soundtrack. 4/5x
Lots of fun playing no-save. Tight shooting with lots of good old fashioned closets. A comparatively large number of PEs and lost souls in the later levels and no shortage of AVs.x
Good ol' Doom 2 fun in short fashion.x
Average at best, didn't really enjoyed it.x
Has some nice ideas and fun short maps overall.x
Funtastic classic megawad. This is nuts and bolts doom at it's very best.x
quite good casual timekiller, the concept could be exploited better but most of the maps are fun. worth a look for maps that are short, do not overstay their welcome, and not that hardx
Masterful display of Doom gameplay control, in a nice coherent style.x
Amateour maps.x
Awesome wad, nice short levels, easy to hard difficulty and custom lev themes, excellently made wad!x
Even if you don't allow for the time and line constraints this is a straight up classic blast through. Not all the levels hit all the right notes but none stick around long enough to bore or annoy. x
The gameplay is entertaining and makes this worthy Three starsx
Short and sweet, the way I like it.x
any one who hasn't played this masterpiece should play this wad instead of playing uacmn the enemies doesn't spam you with bfg-ball like uacmn does.x
Getsu Fune
I like these short and easy maps. nothing here was shabby for me.x
Thanks that's one of the best megawad I ever seen in my entire life I hope there will be new generation wads like this one.x
Set of mostly very short and easy maps. Layouts are overall simple but mostly work; decoration, ambiance and above all gameplay are not bad but have too little variation, making the player loosing his interest: IMHO this set is at least 20 maps too long.x
its from paul what else to say? 55x
This is a really great megawad with really good music too. I beat this in two nights as it was too fun to put down. Will be playing it again. Dick tested-cock approved.x
30 levels are simple clean and with basic layout you can never get lost in this because keys and switches are always in view or near. Its fun because its a run and gun type map set that look great. Just the right amount of monsters on each level as well.x
Very good! Finally a simple, yet captivating and fun old-style wad. It gets challenging towards the end, but it's never irritatingly hard. The map are small, neat and well-designed, no glitches and bugs to be seen. This is what many 'retro' wads are trying to be and fail. 5/5x
Boring, unappealing gameplay. Architecture is bland and uninteresting. No innovation and nothing new to the table. Play UACMN instead. Bonus points if you're offended and make stupid personal remarks at me like the butthurt individual you are. x
Good classic experience. Some maps are a bit weaker but in overall this is a fine WAD. It could've been better tailored towards coop as some levels can be blocked upon player death, and I'm not sure if all those weapons placed in all levels have "multiplayer" flag but I assume so as they seems like they shouldn't be there.x
This is ok, but a bit predictable in a lot of areas. Some of the fights get a bit too repetitive and the architecture is typical cliched 90s base style. Overall not too bad though. I like the small quickie level approach and there are some fun battles from time to time. x
Kind of doesn't do the concept justice, but a decent time killer.x
It's hard for such a mapset to get dull, but it hasn't dulled for me yet. Every playthrough is still just as golden as the first. Good stuff! 5/5x
Jesus this WAD rocks!x
Over hyped, not that good. x
Simple, but fun to play. And that's how the game should be. 5/5x
Aebeatia Sookies
Too many traps to enjoy on *fastx
another legendary mapset made by a legendary mapper. 5/5.x
A shining example to demonstrate that simplicity does not mean easy or boring gameplay. Most of these maps can be completed in five minutes each, but you will enjoy every single second of these. Forget about complex mazes or time-consuming keycard hunts - this is about surviving some nasty surprises without being tricked into believing it's gonna be a stroll to the exit chamber. A perfect WAD to blast through in two or three hours, don't miss it!x
Pretty impressive for short levels. Challenging, but in a good way. 4/5x
i have one word awesomex
nothing bad to say, it's fun. I like the choice of lowering walls instead of teleports for traps. x
fuck yeax
Great maps, great music. As someone already said, an instant classic! Great work Paul.x
In some ways, this reminds me of Scythe 1 - And that's very much a good thing. Great stuff pcorf!x
Awesome work. An instant classic. Not much more I can say :) Thanks Paul! -Kristian Nebula *****x
I prefer long levels and I never liked megawads with short levels, but it's from Paul Corfiatis! What can I say? Awesome level design and architecture as always! Too bad they are short levels but they are lots of fun to play! Nice work on this one, please keep going on doom building you're a great author! 4.5/5 - Mark Anthonyx
Fantastic megawad that held my interest from start to finish. Great concept, great execution. x
A fairly average outing. Given the limitations, some credit is due to Pcorf for find a couple of different ways to mix up the batch every now and again. The main problems I have with the wad are the main problems I have with most every pcorf wad - there are no real options in terms of how to approach 80% of the situations presented. It's hard to stay interested for too long... so maybe 300 linedefs is perfect in that regard? I dunno... very average.x
Such a nice work doesn't deserve these kind of attacks. x
Had alot of fun playing this. Short,quick blasts of Doom goodness. Thanks for your efforts Pcorf,they're greatly appreciated. 5*-d.d.koop x
Challenging in places, and not too shabby with the visuals either. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves Doom more than detail.x
One of the best megawads I've played in a long time. The levels are almost all very fun, and their size means you can play through them all really quick.x
NOT a terrywad. The gameplay is awesome!x
Excellent megawad which takes the 100 lines concept and makes it better.x
A nice little map set that kept me happily brutalising demon spawn for a couple of hours. Played with BrutalDoom. Looking forward to 'Zone 600' - nudge nudge wink wink! 4.5/5x
This is my type of thing, small but challenging maps, and don't forget about the music of Paul. - Archy-x
walter confalonieri
very cool megawad!x
I really enjoyed playing this. I really liked the fact that the maps were small, action-packed and linedefs-limited because it helped making it more fun and simple to play. Good job on making a whole megawad. 5/5x
Such a great wad made in such a short time.x