kind of interesting but 4 just because of the unless Two animu weapons that are shitty swaps of the same guns. x
this wad makes my brain hurt, 10/10x
Megawad theme: DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Its' a fascinating study of unrestrained creativity (~40%), mixed with some nihilism (~31%) and self-loathing (~12%). A fine mix. x
It's not a jokewad because jokewads are supposed to be funny. Many of the maps are just terrible, which isn't funny. Others are actually decent concepts, but very poorly done. Is that supposed to be a joke? It's not funny in the slightest. There's no actual humour in this wad past bad map design, which was funny once. Ten years ago. There are a few neat bits, but overall it's just a tedious mess.x
This is fine artx
loved it!x
Complete waste of time. Nofi, but this is too childish for even one star, and not even remotely funny. Kids, if you like to have serious rewards (not the meaningless joke ones in this thread), you'll have to do better than this horrible stuff. Waaaaay better. Good luck with trying.x
Hard but beatable on UV.x
Jaxxoon R
Deurs = games is wuite the good one. I liked the Naruit o and the my little donkies and the sly cooper barons of NiGHTS and the spooky detail spooky plot. Like you walk one the sky and it reallt is scary becuse you could fal but you dont. Liek indyiana jones and the temple of the holy grail. 5/5 then out of then for the anima demons the attach tou your face like leaches.x
I didn't know community joke wads was a thing 5/5x
10/10 - still better than brutal doomx
This wads version of Bioshock Infinite is actually better than original game (and it's not sarcastic).x
Some maps are very good, but some maps are very terrible. 1/5 Sasha. x
I give you 10 megapixels and 1 star for ponies.x
Strange WAD ..... but what the hell i'd give it 5/5 for creativity lolx
I'm sure this would have been very funny if I could have got past the start of the second map. As far as I can tell the hell knight's rain of fire is random enough to make it impossible without many saves or cheating, neither of which I was prepared to do.x
reality 2.0
This is an awesome joke wad. Its funny and each map feels unique. 5/5.x
good ideas.x
Woohoo! Creativity unrestrained by rules or sensibility - that's what I like the most!x
^Best review I've ever read. 5 stars for that. Oh yeah the WAD...darn good and funny, the Bioshock Infinite level stands out in my mind. Unofficial sequel to Mockery series (Mock 3: 2 Fast 2 Stupid) ---Bukkake Windmillx
Makes me fell all tingly inside. Then again, that might be the kilo of coke I just had.x
It's lucky projects like this exist, otherwise I would never have known what a bad map looks like.x
Better than Quake.x
dobu gabu maru
Too hardcore for mere mortalsx
Why didin't you invite me? :(x
Haha, nice one Josh. 3/5 - DoomGeek101x
WOOOOO, HOOOOO .... Finally a Joke WAD, not a stupid troll WAD.x
Super Awesome! I actually like the MAP19 Music as the most delightful MIDI music ever created. You guy s did great work on this WAD.x
So deliciously shit in places (i.e. most of it), and actually genuinely great and enjoyable in others (which seems counter to the project goals). Overall a hilarious experience. Well done, Doomworld.x
oh mai gud veri brewtel pls dwnload veri gud wad! 5/5x
Eris Falling
I can't believe I'm seeing essel's name on this list, 0/5.x
not three bad at all on lvl 12 still enjoyable, x
Explore every region of DOOM, from The Beatles - Yesterday to Nyan Cat's Anoos and every Bioshock Infinite in between. 5 White stars: Legendary. But only because every mapper involved is too-hot-for-TV. Trust me, my TV didn't like it a bit.x
You can only have one waifu, fool. 3/5 for the INTERPIC. It made me uncomfortable. Then angry. Then aroused.x
chesse20- 5/5 anyone who is whining about this is a baby who hasnt evne tried this game long enough to find how many of the maps are actualy fun to play and cool i really liked some of the map elements used and there was this cool map with cotton eye joe midi only a few of the levels are imposible to beat map02 and the map named doom5x
OMG better than Brutal Doom!x
Sure was fun making this...x
We had a lot of fun making these maps, unfortunately a lot more than the saps playing this wad. Aww diddums :Px
I laughed! I cried. I fathered three children in the warm afterglow...x
Hey, I remember this! :P 0 stars, but only because I love you. - Obsidianx