Nice enough for a first effort, I guess, but I'm still surprised by this rating. Detailing is uniformly great, gameplay is mostly fun if a bit on the easy side... problem is that, those times when it is hard, that is often a result of cheap design, like traps full of sergeants and chaingunners (you'll have a taste of this as soon as map 2) or just overwhelming numbers of chaingunners per map. x
Getsu Fune
it's okayx
Polished and good-looking episode, with some pleasant Ultimate Doom touches and challenging but (mostly) not frustrating classic gameplay. One big issue, and prime reason for that "mostly", is author's apparent love of hitscan enemies, or more precisely hated chaingunners that seem to present on every step, and sometimes and in very dubious roles: as snipers, or as parts of traps. x
Great visuals and level design, gameplay is mostly good but sometimes overreliant on hitscanner cheapness which often results in frustration.x
nice architecture and gameplayx
Wow, outstanding presentation. Awesome workx
Really detailled and enjoyable levels. I felt a bit reminded of "Simplicity" regarding some designs, in both good (lots of details and interesting architecture) and bad ways (copy-paste here and there). What I liked most is the merge of some kinda Doom 1-feeling (episode structure and music) with the features of Doom II. Also gameplay progress is quite good - expect to get more powerful weapons rather late. Makes me wonder about the remaining episodes. Hope there will be more!x
Played @ UV. Efford: 4/5. Architecture: overall 4/5, although sometimes a bit too repetitive. Ambience: nice. Monster placement: overall quite well, but sometimes also a bit repetitive. Gameplay: 4/5. Overall: solid 4/5 with some attention points (f.e. levels 6 & 7 contain quite a lot of unaligned textures - see STONE4). Wel done, absolutely worth a play.x
Super awesome stuff here. x
Some copypasta here and there, but nothing that would affect the WAD negatively. Legendary.x
really good shit man. can't wait for the rest of the episodes.x
This was very fun and relatively challenging in various locations.x
Awesome. I wish my first maps were like these.x
Erection inducing-ly good.x
very good work here Popsicleman313x
For mentioning JaundiceJaun and Chubzdoomer, I respect you very much for a good start in mapping. Keep on practicing! -DoomMastax
It's pretty good I guess.x