Yep, it's pretty darn good. I preferred the later levels to the earlier, although the last level was a bit grindy. Still a gooden overall.x
Fun up to Map20, after that it gets... weirdly not fun anymore. Would be 4/5 but the Nightwish midis really put me off.x
Reminds me of the first two Community Chests in a way. Worth a play, even if its rough around the edges in some maps.x
I admit being sceptical at first when I was reading about a "newbie mapper" effort. However, levels are surprisingly good. There may be a few visually weaker ones, and also difficulty is a bit mixed (especially later on), but it's fun and not too hard. Beware of maps 28 and 30 - they are massive and brutal slaughter maps. For my taste, the final map was too long, merging many levels of the pack into an insane mix with 800+ monsters. Could have had 5 stars otherwise. I liked it.x
Maps 1-20 generally pretty good. After that, stoopid takes over, either incomprehensible, ugly map design or boring-as-watching-p aint-dry slaughter maps. Ruins the overall wad totally. Worth it for first 2/3 though.x
This was surprisingly fun! Maps are definitely lacking in detail and atmosphere departments, but they sure are fun and (mostly) of perfect size and reasonably challenging. Also, I must mention awesome choice of music in several maps.:)x
Right nice there. Well done!x
They may be new to mapping, but they are evidently NOT new to DooM; it shows in the high quality gameplay. For a group project it's very consistent, except for the occasional dud (Map 31 has the worst gameplay idea i've ever seen. It takes 10min just to find monsters, and then you get slaughtered... wtf?!? you may want to forego the secret levels just for that; map 26 is downright HIDEOUS...) A very decent mapset, and never easy. Great if you like your DooM shaken instead of stirred...x
Getsu Fune
*I MADE MAP22 AND 32*. also this modern mapset is very well done. excellent job to the five chaps who did MAP30. and great efforts done by all.x
Jaws In Space
So what do you get when a bunch of noobs come together to make some map? You get a map that feels surprisingly similar to Evilution. Even right down to E1 & E2 being tech base & E3 being vaguely hellish. I will say that Tech levels do start to blend with each other after awhile & most of the crap does show up in E3. Still I can say that I look forward to seeing new projects from Paul D, Dobu Gabu Maru, Stygian, fiend-o-hell, & Mouldy in the future.x
A remarkable set of levels - especially in the latest part (large and continuously changing settings, with fights against large hordes). Also the music stands out as one of the few catchy and pleasing soundtracks ever encountered in a MegaWAD. 5*x
Very very nice wad. Although some of the latter maps are a little rough. Overall though this is definitely a must-play.x
"this is a newbie's PWAD". Well, except for a bunch of lower unpegged textures in some doors this map seems to tell otherwise (specially MAP31). Great job guys!x
Good stuff. Map19 and 29 were too laggy for me to play however.x
A good idea, well executed with definitely some interesting results. It's different from your ordinary community megawad which that alone, gives it some unique qualities. For early author efforts even the levels themselves are generally solid works. A successful project overall.x
Very good work.....this is very close to Cacaward.....or maybe runner up either way 5/5 Cheers.... -Popsicleman313x
Lots of detail and well thought out gameplay.x
Excellent quality maps, exhilarating gameplay, and overall impressive megawad. Great job NOVA Team. 5/5 x