Quality Hexen wad. Loved the visuals. Even got lost in it for hours just like in the iwad. 5/5x
Grain of Salt
An excellent set of "classic"-themed hexen maps. Despite the creator's apparent mixed feelings(?), the gameplay, visuals and atmosphere are all very high quality, and it's just fun to play. Some new music and textures has been used (all from Hexen 2, I think?) but used sensibly alongside the vanilla resources. Getting to the portal at the end of MAP01 actually reminded me how exciting it was to find portals when I first played Hexen, as a tiny child. I just wish there was more.x
Amazing work! I loved exploring through this hub. :)x
Now that is how you do a Hexen hub!x
Absolutely amazing wad!x
Well done, Kaiser. Thoroughly enjoyed this one. We need more Hexen hubs, these days.x
New heXen wad??? Now that's rare! And well designed and finishable! Most heXen wads I download are uncompleted. This borrows textures from heXen II as well. 4 stars simply for being for heXen, +1 for being awesome!x
Damn fine Hexen hub. Damn fine indeed. x
Wow, exquisite work!!!! The flow was perfect, the architecture grand, and some creatuve use of 'shifting the Earth' as it were....x
Excellent, action packed Hexen WAD. The final boss fight can bug out if you kill all bosses with a single blow.x
Excellent, up there with LilWhiteMouse's Wolfen as one of the best wads for Hexen. 100% must-play if you're a fan of this game. x
Best Hexen wad I have seen. A must-play for any fans of the game.x
Keep on running the good HEXEN Hubs. Fantastic one !!! x
Excellent hub! Also, thank you for not tying your wad to a specific source port.:)x
Only two major "flaws". 1: it's "just" one hub. 2: we'll have to wait another year or two till someone creates another piece of new content for Hexen.x
Good hub, but I found a bug, you can get the blue emerald by jumping on the statues, and finish it very soon.x
Am impressive Hexen hub. Probably among the best 3 or 5 Hexen pwads.x