A solid proof of concept if you have the patience for slower levels punctuated by some hard as balls fights. Would like to see what could become of this idea with more time. Come back Tuxlar :(x
Unique and fun!x
unexpected advanture! but I won't try again.x
3/5* for the interesting idea, you should try digging this and do some real thought maps based on it, could've deserved a better lightning so we can make the difference between destructible walls and the others (it's kind of hard and requires to stick to the walls right now). The gameplay wasn't that terrible. As I said you should try to do some more thought maps with the concept, it would be very cool!x
Concept map build on linedef action type 28892: floor lower to lowest neighbour floor. When shooting such a wall, it looks like it disappears. Having a shovel as fist, it gives an idea of mining. Which is great. Now IMHO this really deserves a map with better gameplay, the hacking takes way too much time, the layout can be better, and the monster placement is a pita. Overall: +1 for the idea - 1 for the gameplay = 3/5.x
somehow funnyx
The drill is needed in the beginning. I like this concept though. It is too hard without iddqd. x
It's an interesting tryout but digging everything is just boring, you could just give the drill from the beginning you know.x
Apologies @anon, mouselook has some exploits, given the nature of the gameplay mechanics. The lava pits are escapable, though. If you can get me more info on that exit door bug, I'll look into it.x
It's a good idea, but I'm knocking off 2 stars. You disabled jumping and mouselook by default, I downvote anything by a star that overrides MY settings. I can go in and reenable jumping but not mouselook. The final door also did not open, amongst other tiny bugs here and there, and those small lava pits will kill you if you don't enable jumping.x
Wow. This was an awesome WAD. Great concept. If it were tweaked just a bit, then it's possible some talented modder could attempt a Minecraft TC for DOOM.x
Lots of fun with some really cool fights, bloody difficult though!x
A very unique wad... very fun, and very unpredictable. I like it!x
Incredibly hard, especially where you grab the blue armor.... way to many revenets...x
Interesting concept.x