Pretty darn good! Liked the parts copied from all UD levels :) Keep up the good work!x
Just a chore to play. Very little engaging game play.x
nothing original . nothing interesting. Too Many Monstersx
One good mapset,4/5x
Okay maps, nothing too bad. Good visuals, but gameplay could be better...x
Lightning Hunter
As others mentioned, parts of this WAD look too similar to the UD counterparts. I know that was the goal, but E1M7 for example was not changed enough from E3M6 to be at all creative (although it is still fun). E1M2 is also a dud with boring game play and low detail. That being said, there are some masterpieces in here. E1M1 and E1M8 are fantastic. I also enjoyed parts of E1M5 and E1M6. The two Cyber Demons in E1M5 were well done. Because of these maps, I will give this 4 stars.x
^Talk about a dumb argument. It's pretty clear that anyone who finds this wad repetitive would clearly find the original game to be so as well, so faulting this wad specifically is ludicrous. And it's a very tribute wad at that, aside from E1M2 and 9, which I found a bit mediocre. Good work to those involved. 4.5(5)/5x
I agree with the anonymous: maps are impressive in terms of visuals, even though sometimes the "inspiration" from Doom 1 turns into straight copy&paste. The gameplay gets repetitive after a while, and low variety of monsters in Doom 1 doesn't help here. E1M8 needs BFG and lots of cells badly.x
Viva La France! Great work here. All maps were well done. x
Impressive work. Having said that, there are two problems. For many levels, variation in gameplay does not match it's length, one keeps on fighting in the same ambiance against the same little set of monsters. This repetition makes playing at the end plain boring. Besides that, this is yet another E123 clone, also with quite a lot of conceptual copy&paste; IOW: there's little new. Despite this, overall solid 4/5.x
Salt-Man Z
Loved this! Successfully captures the feel of the original game, but condensed and distilled into 9 awesome maps with modern gameplay sensibilities.x
Vraiment sympa, j'l'avais déjà fait pour sa bêta mais j'y ai quand même rejoué pour la sortie. J'ai particulièrement apprécié les map de Nils, gj les gars!x
Except E1M2 and 9, these are all four or five star maps overall, so good job!x