Fun short slaughter maps, excellent to run through them.x
Sick wad.x
One of my favourite so called "Slaughter" wad sets. Not only is the architecture really great, but it's actually fun to play. The gameplay is not typical for this genre. In other words, it's been finely balanced! Map 12 is simply sublime map making; in visuals, steepness, progression, and difficulty.x
My first impression was "Wow, nice looking maps!" only to be reduced to "Oh, it's a slaughter wad."x
Pretty good manx
Visually awesome. They're slaughtermaps, so I was surprised I could actually beat them after only a few tries! There's just enough ammo for the next wave, at least in the first 4 maps (up to map05 now) and the design is quite classy. Caught a few texture messups, but who cares. There were a few bits that annoyed me - on map03, when the archviles appear behind you, the only reliable place for cover is the entrace, and the battle can get a bit tedious. Overall though, this is definitely worth your time!x
Alright, I'm not very big on slaughter maps but these seemed pretty manageable. The majority of the maps are OKish but it's map12 (The final map) that REALLY stands out. It might just be the best boom compatible level I've ever played ... seriously it's a masterpiece. Really good mapset, if only the rest of the maps were on par with map12 ;)x
A slaughterwad, but a less annoying one than your usual slaughterwad. Great visuals, manageable gameplay. It can get repetitive at times, but that's the nature of slaughterwads.x
Good wad, 5 stars.x
Too many monsters. zero medicit. only cheat x
the final switch on map 12 seemed to be broken(played mapset in Skulltag), other than that, everything was great. I did like that the slaughter gameplay was set in tiers, which made the progression of each stage all the more satisfying. Architecture was brilliant. 4.5/5x
In MAP12 the 3-key final switch doesn't work in ZDoom and GZDoom. In MAP12 there are also some vertical HOMs in the central zones of the level. Please fix these bugs ASAP.x
100% Slaughtermaps. If you like cleaning-up a room or an open area with a zillion of monsters, and repeat that more or less identically a hundred or so times, then this might be your megawad. If you're looking for an adventure or some more subtle kind of gameplay, skip it. BTW some slimetrails in the open area at the end of map04.x
I am not a slaughter fan, but I was curious, played mostly with iddqd, some maps are not so much slaughterish, liked it, looks good, winter theme, manageable progression 4/5x
Getsu Fune
I can't leave MAP12 after pressing the three key switch in GZDoom for some reason.x
This is pretty dire. The maps are the poster-children for the "follow the detail guide with no sense of architecture" school of aesthetics, there's tons of crap on the walls to get caught on, enemies are frequently misused (Spectre usage is particularly bad), items are placed into little tiny nooks where they can't be grabbed effectively (particularly egregious with Stimpacks). Many fights can be chokepointed, and much of the layouts is basic room-corridor-room stuff. Bleh.x
Pretty fun and good designed wad, but many prepared templates and copy-paste in some places.x
Excellent looking maps unfortantiantly TOO MANY monsters ruined the whole concept. I found myself shooting constantly with no quit or break for even couple of secs even with various weapon mods its still hard even on easy. Also the maps are very big its easy to get lost.x
Not bad! Not bad at all!x
Very enjoyable and not overly hard slaughter maps. Plays well with Brutal Doom.x
Played this for some time. It's really good.x
slaughterish gameplay, maps that aren't puzzles, I like it so far. only on map 6 so far.x
Great offering, and one of the best gameplay-oriented mapsets as of recently. Fun for both casual playthroughs and speedrunning.x
Pretty good not going to lie x