Good visuals and nice difficulty curve. Maps vary in quality and a lot of them are red hell and techbase with nukage. Some maps go overboard with the snipers, like 26, and can be quite frustrating. Map 31 is probably the best. 4/5x
What a Crying baby was that anonymous who give 0 stars... what the heck is elitist gameplay? oh! i know! its a shitty excuse.... Anyways this wad is perfect to everyone who wants a hard time, its start in hell which is something kinda fresh since hell is always last. I think the maps aren't as attractive as the Speed of Doom ones but they still look great, Recommended!x
Terrible... slaughter stuff, just make some normal mapset, please. Elitist gameplay all over the place.x
This is simply inspired map making. All the elements are just so balanced and "right". The design and architecture are consistently top-tier with a challenging level of difficulty throughout. It's rarely frustrating because the monsters and ammo placements have a balanced ratio. That's what makes this such a well rounded wad. A MUST PLAY! 5 stars. -TRRobin.x
And here's another legendary megawad everyone has to play through!! MAP22 is a legendary masterpiece for itself. I replayed it several times, only to hear that great midi -track in this awesome map. Also, I will always remember MAP31 and 32! Great stuff! 5/5 -unidenti7ied x
Great mapset! Have been replaying most of the classics lately, and this pretty much beats them all. Word of warning, though: not for wusses lol!!!x
A megawad that's aim is not to let you rest. This means full on action from the start to end where standing still means your death. This is not as exhausting as it may seem as levels are typically kept short and tight. The more slaughtery maps are not so much for me but this is still a go to megawad for run and gunners. x
Nice work.x
This is such an awesome wadx
Joshy is the Erik Alm of the 10's. Brilliant stuff.x
A damn fine map set up until the last few maps where it gets clusterfucky and tedious. All other maps are fully recommended.x
Truly a blast to play on. Now all we Need is a Darkwave0000 centric megawad with Joshy as a guest mapper and my life would be complete.x
Hard as hell, but amazingly well designed and worth a playthrough! Go download it asap! :)x
too hardx
Pretty good effort but ammunition can be a real problem in latter maps(especially in map 18). It's not as difficult as tarakannik but i always prefer a much relaxed story mode-esque gameplay in megawads. This one is way too hard than it's supposed to be.x
Pretty much another good example of why Joshy is one of my favourite mappers.x
A great wad that turned into a stupid like slaughterfest, still 5 stars.x
Well designed and polished, great looking maps with entertaining gameplay. Shamely, it gets way too slaughterish and difficult for me in some maps later on. Anyway, 5/5.x
I love how the monsters are distributed, they are very challenging, making piercing attacks very hard to execute. But hell the zombies are used in a very anti-fun way here. It's ok to leave a spectre or lost soul creeping you, to attack you while you are distracted fighting other monsters, but zombies dropping out of nowhere or hidden behind textures is not. The player has to be aware of their presence for a very simple reason: there are no way to dodge their hitscan attacks. 3/5x
Brutal, unforgiving masterpiece. Absolute must-play (unless you're scarred;))x
Masterpiece in every aspect. Almost no flaws.x
Stunningly beautiful architecture and blisteringly fast and challenging gameplay throughout. Joshy's ability never falters once. I have no doubt I'll be returning to this masterpiece frequently.x
One of most uniquely difficult megawads I had pleasure to play. This wad WILL hurt you, hurt you hard and in so many ways, and trust me: you WILL enjoy every damn second of it! x
Difficulty goes way overboard for my taste. Slaughter fans will find this to be one of best wads in that genre in years tho.x
Awesome maps, Amazing music, loads of variety!x
Great mapset, only map I haven't liked is the downtown style map.x
Getsu Fune
once you get past the short maps it becomes an all out slaughterfest. just, some crazy cool shit and too much death to count.x
Gorgeous, fiendishly difficult maps.x
Eris Falling
Too difficult for me even on HNTR, but a great set of maps regardless. MAP31 and it's MIDI go together perfectly, and is now definitely one of my favourite doom levels. Cacoward winner for sure.x
I made it to Map 6 and stopped - I'm obviously not this wad's target audience and I never enjoyed this kind of difficulty. I won't rate it lower than 4 stars since I can see it is well made for what it is, since I enjoyed hellish themed visuals in few maps I played and since other seem to love its gameplay. x
mwot for couple of years for sure.x
Fantastic effort here, good variety in gameplay and even at times style. The levels range from good to excellent. So an easy 5 from me.x
Ultra-good stuff, one of the best wads of 2014 for sure.x
Awesome stuff!x
An absolute beast. DL or die.x
If it's fun it's good. This is fun.x
Pure Hellspawn
definitely worth five stars.x
Played the first 10 levels so far. It's fun. x
Definitely a future classic.x
Excellent! 10/10x
Very Nice Megawad !!! Keep the Megawads coming !! Cheers x
I liked it - COOLx
It's OK.x
Already one of my favorite modern megawads. Gameplay is varied (especially for a one man megawad) and ranges from Plutonia on steroids, to evil over the top slaughter, but what each level has in common is that they're extremely fun to play. Atmosphere is great and layouts are effective. If you were a fan of Speed of DooM then this is recommended.x
Maximum awesome - the Unholy Realms of 2014 if not better. Instant caco material.x