Looks very surreal, the texutre placements are kind of weird and not all that compelling. But hey, the megaWAD has it's moments, and doesn't deserve the HUGE amount of complete flak it gets.x
Wow i didnt knew that you can do maps :P, The style looks ok in the 90's age but today thats just a lot of amateur maps, missalinged textures and texture placement in some senseless part of the maps,however i like the way of the gameplay, pretty funny in my opinion. With some practice, you can do a good remake of those maps, you have a potential inside, just you need to show it. Oh! and for those haters can suck his dick! You did a mark in doom world and not everyone does this everyday. Rating: 3/5 x
why did i play thisx
Nothing beautiful to look at, but I never ever dropped a sweat during fights and has some original ideas I've never seen before. Had its moments and is a quite solid effort from Joe himself. 3/5x
Some maps are OK, some are not. But this WAD sucks balls. It doesn't even have full set of 32 levels: when you complete 22 level (Epilogue) - the game doesn't even show the cast screen,no. Instead of this, it shoves you into MAP 23 of DOOM 2. And it continues until MAP 30. No ending title screen. And yes, the final 21st level is dumb: you have to deal with 4 Icons of Sins (I think,it is parody on Master Levels map "Mephisto").x
Even worse than BOB BOBOS speedmapping sessionx
Sadly, I thought this would be better than I expected , which was simply bad possibly mediocre at best. That wasn't the case... It was much much worse... x
I don't understand why this has such a low note. I've played through all maps here, not just the first three. Most of them are very fun to play with good difficulty balance. They're also well laid out so that the flow is rarely interrupted. Yes, the visuals are odd, but they're not rubbish and you can get accustomed to them after a while. Gameplay before visuals, and gameplay rules here. x
One star for actually admitting these maps were rejects. I can't believe I actually played through all of this and came out alive. I think one the maps ripped my ears off with it's terrible MIDI. I'll live though it, hopefully.x
A well intentioned effort suffering from a lack of playtesting and an unfortunately rather insufferable author. x
Good luck,joe-ilya.x
No offense to Joe-lya, but these maps aren't good by any standard today. I played through maps 01-03 and I just couldn't play anymore after that. I don't like the rectangular sectors, random designs, and random monster placement. It's just a mish-mosh of sloppy editing. x
Getsu Fune
if you can muster up the courage to actually play through the whole thing like I did and not be bothered too much by the awkward texturing, then it certainly would be quite the experience. is it a good one? well, the gameplay in some maps are varied, and some are total clusterfucks in both design and gameplay (looks at MAP15). I would give this a 1.5 or 2 and hope that joe's ego doesn't get shit out of hand the next time someone gives him constructive advice.x
The maps don't seem to have any coherent layout, and look like a bunch of sectors strung together with unusual texture choices. Monster placements are fairly random, and at times, not even balanced (Was there any playtesting involved?). Theres also some unnecessary and tedious gameplay elements, like having to shoot 12 switches while being attacked by barons. Overall, this wad is downright a catastrophe. Avoid like the plague.x
Pure rubbish.x
Still better than BOB BOBOS speedmapping sessionx
Maximum Doom : The Mapset.x
The maps are very cryptic in some spots and also enemy placement was non-existent. Also TEXTURE ALIGNMENT!x
Keep at it. You'll get better, man.x
Played first five maps: these are your typical bizarre and utterly awful 1994 maps... except they were apparently made during last two years. Just for the record: i have no issues with low end visuals as long as map provides decent fun. Sadly, these play exactly the way they look. I absolutely refuse to believe that author is serious.x
The Main Thrill of doom isGameplay which is exciting and perfectly fine here...visulas arnt bad too. dont know why so negitive reviews.... 3.7/5x
I agree with insaneoflex312, the author can't take constructive criticism and thus I'm going to give 0 stars. The maps are really shitty btw. :Px
Average maps. Terrible geeky music, even Hexen's GROVER.MID sounds better (that is my least favorite song from Hexen and Hexen has a very good soundtrack) -Px
Playing this is about as fun as having a horse take a dump on my face.x
A standard Joe-Ilya WAD, which is to say, terrible. The usual suspects make their return: terrible texturing, uninteresting and rectangular layouts with some really unusual geometry here and there, really BAD monster placement. Are these MaxiDoom maps? Joe please. SLOW DOWN. Learn to properly map, stop joining literally every community project, take your time on a map instead of shtting out a map every hour.x
Ugly as sin maps that feel and (mostly) play like something from those mid-90s compilation CDs. I could forgive much if this was presented as say results of some speedmaping sessions, since maps have that level of polish.x
Joe-ilya apparently can't make any good aesthetics. Though I can see that he tries, he still pretends that alignment, seams, material consistency and colour harmony don't exist and never did. But when I look away from aesthetics, the maps are not that bad at all. They offer a good, moderately difficult gameplay, often with unconventional ideas (some are "meh", some are better). The whole set provides enough of this kind of fun. For me, the imperfections don't drag the quality lower than to 3/5 stars.x
The visuals are as obnoxious as usual, the gameplay can be ok at time, especially in the earlier maps where placing weaker monsters is a lot more forgiving than the heavyweights. The lengthy maps can be a real drag though. A sightly below par 2/5x
Maps very look like test vehicles for experimenting with technical constructs, scenes, styles, decoration and so. Which is as-is very good, but while presenting them as levels, author has forgotten to throw away the failed attempts. This might explain their ugliness and why none of the maps has even a tiny little bit of gameplay. As such, not interesting for a player, so 0/5. @ cs99cjb 2 above: nofi, but justifying the quality of these maps via referring to Brahms being not understood, is absurd.x
its ok, but 0 stars because author cant take criticism.x
Eris Falling
Basically what josh said. MAP01 had some pretty stupid shit in it, but through to MAP03 it was just about bearable. I lost my patience after that. By the way, the choice of MIDI in this is just so bad.x
not nice to look at, playability is ok sometimes goodx
Ilya paints with a broad brush and the things he paints won't be to everyone's liking: not technically good by the standards of the ateliers, yet imbued with the authentic voice of the artist. It's easy to see why, like the first performance's of Brahms's piano concerto no.1, this megawad was not received with enthusiasm. I foresee Ilya cutting his ear like Van Gogh, or perhaps, like Raskolnikov, murdering a pawn-broker before being redeemed by a moral woman. Anyhow I enjoyed it so far (map 4).x
I thought they were playable. Nothing good, but nothing horribly awful or 0 star worthy.x
"Some were rejected", Well it is easy to understand why they were rejected as they just seem to be a hopeless blend of spastic sectors and horrendous monster placement, the overall design is pretty much in the style of shrapnel (Multiple chunks of unidentifiable shit all over the place) and the maps play like being stabbed by a blunt crayon in a nursery. Avoid this shit if you value your sanity.x
Absolutely no thought went into this, just random sectors filled with monsters that plays awful and looks fucking terrible. No wonder they were rejected.x
Normally I would give a wad like this at least 1 star (or maybe 2 if I like some ideas). But not today. joe-ilya keeps producing ugly shit and I don't see it getting any better. I understand that some maps are 2 years old but go and try to figure out which of them are newer ones. I can make a wad like this in a week (or day if I will get enough meth). Try making something different ffs.x