The D1 is not dead yet :) I am happy to see the D1 episode replacement of that quality because I am preparing one D1 replacement as well and this is the proof, that it could work! (mine will suck but this one is perfect) 4.5/5x
It's always nice to play doom the old school way with more emphasis on atmosphere, and with a more simple, refined design, with less grandiosity. The wad balances those vintage doom elements while still bringing a rewarding modern day challenge. 5 stars without question. -TRRobin.x
Getsu Fune
very difficult, long, and punishing. I fear for what cannonball's future maps may become though.x
Fantastic episode 4 spiritx
Not too shabby, one of the better E4 replacements out there. Layout is quite non-linear. The traps were nice and well thoughtout. The gameplay can be quite grueling at times. 4 out of 5x
Very mixed bag. Most of the maps have good layout, nice decoration and on places great ambiance. But why is the gameplay so disapointingly? Well, because of the switch hunt (f.e. E4M6) and the almost total focus on snipers (even many cybies @ UV :-( ) and sudden monster popups. Because of this, the latter levels have almost no gameplay, just difficulty. Which is predictable, totally boring and does not give any fun. 4* for the maps, 1* for the gameplay and .5 bonus for the effort = 3*. It's a real pity...x
It's ok. Nothing really special, it was usually annoying gimmicks and shotgunning mid-tier monsters.x
Amazing, and amazingly hard. But in a good way :P The usage of vanilla textures is quite frankly, awe inspiring. Loved every second of this.x
Proof that you can make a Doom 1 WAD that isn't boring.x
6/5 would get turned into a pillowcase againx
Right up there with Double Impact for the best UDoom or Doom I maps this decade so far. Even better than the individual maps of most great UDoom/Doom I megawads. A must play and then some. Now we just need modern like E2 and E3 wads that are this good! x
Lightning Hunter
Finally, a modern episode for UD done right! I was tired of all the "Doom The Way ID did" WADs. The visuals of Draftex are astounding. My only gripe is the instant monster spam-fest in the first few levels (and E4M9). On UV skill, you have about 5 seconds to learn the layout of the map before Shotgunners destroy you. I got spawn-killed many times before finding a strategy in these maps. The rest of the maps had a perfect challenge. I would subtract half a star, but IDGames won't allow it - so 5/5.x
I would say it sucked but it didn't 11/10x
A masterpiece -IGNx
i liked this :)x
Awesome, specially the middle maps. The early maps worked as a great motivation to continue, and the late maps were slaughterish, but didn't drag for too long, fortunately. 5/5x
Came for the screenshots, stayed for the gameplay. This is easily one of the E4 replacements around, to say the least. Layout is non linear but well done in a way you never get lost. Gameplay is fast, furious and chaotic. Solid 5 starts for this one.x
Two Words: Legendary Wadx
Amazing architecture. Punishingly hard levels. Beautiful all around. This gets the seal of approval from pcorf!x
One of the best E4 replacements i've ever played.x
Fantastic episode, easily among the best I've played for UD. Also it's amazing how much you've improved from Concerned (which I also liked). Easy 5 stars.x
It's much better than average, generally as much fun as the best levels in Concerned. Very hard too if you play max difficulty!x