Played this with Trailblazer and ketchup. MAN, this was amazing :) Liked it from start to finish!!! Keep up the good work!x
pretty good, nice architecture and some weird but interesting momentsx
Pedro VC
only good with brutal doomx
A gimmick done well. The crazy nature of the levels matches whatever is happening in the music. Good difficulty curve.x
Great wad with some really clever scripting and original level design. However, the music can get monotonous and mobs of teleporting hitscanners and other demons spawning in your face can get annoying. 4/5x
Pretty awesome and great, but the music can be very annoying and monotone. (I mean, it's the same four notes at different octaves on an organ)x
It looks like this wad intended for coop-play rather than single play, so that's why there's so much monsters. If you want to play it single, better choose easier difficulty setting. At least, it's completely playable and winnable without cheating on ITYTD (tried by me and I am not experienced doom player in any way).x
Fun, fun, fun!x
If he was too disinterested with what he played to keep going then that's a fair mark against the WAD, I disagree with it regardless, personally think the floor gimmick was quite effective. This is a great release although certain small clusters of maps will feel overly similar in playstyle.x
Demonologist rates the wad 2 stars, yet doesn't even play through the whole thing?! His opinion should be summarily ignored. Going Down is a stellar mapset, featuring some of the most creative and exciting Doom levels ever made. Perfectly balanced gameplay and beautiful level design coupled with innovative ideas make this a must play. 5/5x
To me, this is an epitome of "non-hardcore guy trying to make hardcore maps" kind of thing, the combat is rather dull and half-baked most of the time, and the whole concept of "floors" kills all the potential scale and interesting architecture. Was never able to force myself to play through the whole thing, even in moments of utter boredom. Quantity over quality, and fantastically overrated for no apparent reason on top of that. *sigh*x
Whoever this moldy guy is, he's a fucking asshole. 5 starsx
5 wad material x
3 wad material. This wad mainly consists of clusterphobic layouts and invasion waves in the same areas over and over, horrible music and an awful MAP19. Not to mention this wad is overrated, and the only stuff I liked were the first 10 maps and the extreme detailing all these maps have.x
exelent map. one of the few really inventive doom maps that retain a sense of progress from level to level. I felt like I was actually traveling down the tower. x
Even though I had to iddqd in most of the second half, I wasn't bored at all, because just the curiosity of what kind of experimental wonder was coming next was stimulating enough. It had the right kind of humor and mystery. A "story" done right. Amazing, amazing set.x
Brilliant. A new favorite!x
Excellent WAD. Nice detail, unique style, funny storyline, and a lot, a lot of monsters. I think, it's about two or even three times harder than Plutonia. Well, music is not a masterpiece, but not bad at all, and it definitely fits to the game. MAP30 was a real surprise ;)x
map26 is absolutely mindblowing. the rest are really good but that was definitely the highlight, what a ride. 5/5x
Advantages: Ideas, map design (except map 29,) music. Drawback(s): On map 29, the exit is not there for some reason. Shouts awful scripting and design. Bottom line: Doom's answer to Elevator Action.x
Something very special indeed. Excellent level designs with a unique theme, and to top it all off the music is highly original and very fitting. It creates an overall very unique doom experience. 5 stars without hesitation. -TRRobin.x
currently on lvl 17 and its awesome thus far, especially the section in lvl 16 x
Fuckin' awesome! This wad is extremely challenging on Ultra Violence, making it perfect for Survival servers. The maps themselves are very creative, the architecture is (mostly) good, and lengthy mazes are kept to a minimum. It's all about the killing with this epic megawad. Some people might find the music offputting, but I love it. It's zany and wacky while sinister and disturbing, exactly like what going to hell in an elevator should be like. 5/5, highly recommended.x
very novel premise. muchos fun.x
Really top-notch quality and production vlaue. It oozes of awesome. I find the beginning, however, to be a little boring. It's not until further ahead that things get really good.x
Oh,this was VERY good!Kudos!x
The masterpiece. Enough to be said. :Dx
This wad is worth challenge. +5 recommendedx
An incredibly memorable megawad pack, highly recommended!x
Amazing wad with some amazing maps and detail. +1 (if it was possible) for a PCGamer Magazine mention.x
Excellent mapset. Playing it for the first time and constantly getting surprised with the author's cool ideas is fun. Most maps are very well designed graphically (if you think default Doom textures are stale, wait till you see what mouldy does with them!) and have great gameplay. I also enjoyed the short length of these levels; they pretty much never outstay their welcome. Each map is a memorable one with a lot of "personality" and replayability. x
Fast, hard and panic-inducing.x
A megawad that has depth to it both literally and figuratively speaking. Lots of creativity and character in these levels. A must-have for anyone still playing doom.x
Getsu Fune
this is the craziest fucking thing I played since, an actually good jokewad. I'm so glad these levels are short, and also clever concepts and slaughter stuff.x
Elevator Action Meets Doomx
There is so much detail and small things in every room and even the smallest passage. Gives the feel that evey piece is really handmade and well thought through. Awesome Leveldesign and re-use of architecture even overlapping into other mas. Great Gameplay and Storyline! Favorite Level: This crazy Archvile-Map(Map19). The moment you get teleported into the "dark" world with the painelementals. Just great!! If this is not 5 stars, then what else? One of the best Wads I've played! x
I usually don't have the patience to sit through Megawads anymore, but I've just about got this one licked. Excellent and consistent quality, some really nice mapping tricks later on, and a difficulty that just keeps ramping up without frustrating me. Not a single map so far has overstayed it's welcome. Music is going to be a hit and miss with some people, I love it, but it does get a bit repetitive come twenty maps in. I'm definitely holding onto this one for forever. Great work.x
Don't made me laugh, this is just above average, 3+ stars, im sorry. I can't believe this won a Cacowards, i'm loosig a faith in doom community.x
Later maps are excellent, good gameplay and challenging difficulty. Superb visuals on all maps, and some maps are technically incredible. On the other hand, gameplay on half of the maps sucks horribly: difficulty is annoying and fights consist of infinite waves of enemies teleporting in. WAD would be better if such "invasion" elements wouldn't be here.x
I am playing with it now. It's so long, so hard and so big! This thing made me scream sometimes. It's seriosuly giving it to me in the but. And i love it.x
Awesome little map set! If you enjoyed Scythe, this will probably be your cup of tea. Loved the "ride an elevator from the rooftop all the way down to hell" theme... finally an original DooM story for a change! Gameplay is cramped and agonizingly hard at a few spots, although surprisingly playable throughout, as long as you come up with a good plan (you soon learn to dread every single action you take... the traps are NASTY!). Will definitely replay! x
One of the most intelligently made map sets out there. Excellent challenge for the somewhat experienced player. Sometimes I feel though that there are just a tad too many traps, but it keeps you on your toes. The music works for me although I can understand the criticism. Art usage is very consistent across all maps. I felt a little cramped in some of them but it's personal preference. Clever humour is the cherry on top. 9/10 converts to 4.5/5 rounded up to 5 stars.x
really well made wads here. Gameplay was really thought out. Most of the music was atrocious I'm afraid. 4/5x
Only have started to play but definitely like it!x
This wad was fantastic, instantly became one of my favorite wads -DMYx
This thing has 5 stars across the board! I intend to contiue that rend. Excellent stuff!x
Excellent stuff.x
Unified starts AND various concepts... A very imaginative maps with solid design, along with really deadly traps. Recommended for all players (damn hard of course, but hey, it supports difficulty settings!)x
Thanks to you I have waited for great wads like this for long time.x
I don't like the first maps, and I don't like the slauterich style, but this stuff has got something which you won't wanna miss. great 5*x
This was great fun. The ultra-claustrophobic MAP11 was my favourite. Annoying "music", but it's not important.x
Absolutely superb MegaWAD here. One of the most fun Doom experiences I have ever had and the moments of frustration are more than compensated for by the overall playability of most maps.x
Brilliant wad, lots of carnage on the later levels. Got my ass handed over to me a few times and I loved it. Really hope you continue on mapping.x
you deserve 5 stars unlike those terry-clonesx
Great megawad. Intense, exciting, scrappy maps with beautiful atmosphere. Cool music. And MAP29, wow how amazing that was blowing up the building that gave you nightmares for weeks. Giving this masterpiece a 5. -pcorfx
Had a lot of fun playing this with some friends on survival. Spawned in map29's control sector with some other players, otherwise, great map set!x
A damn fine mapset, even in multiplayer.x
No comments required, all has been spoken by the former reviewers. 5/5x
A real gem of a wad. lots of variety given the very small map sizes and also a great use of boom trickery as well. 5 well earned stars - Cannonballx
Dominic White
Fantastically creative level design all the way through. You'd not have thought so much mileage could be squeezed out of 'A tower and an elevator', but Mouldy is a strange and brilliant creature.x
A mapset which, despite the wildly varying themes and settings, is brilliantly cohesive, establishing a solid mood and telling an engaging story. The maps are short, chaotic, and sometimes very clever, with good replay value, as mouldy gives the player plenty of leeway to approach things in different ways. The set is held together by mouldy's excellent visual design, which is all the more impressive given that he uses only stock textures. Mind bogglingly good.x
You can argue there might be a dud map here or there, or something that's not everyone's liking. But the thought and effort that went into crafting this wad cannot be undermined, and the result is - without a doubt - successful. Sure it's slaughter but you can turn the difficulty down - and for a change - the maps are never real big to go along with it (though half of Resurgence was that way too). Every level is different, so don't judge on by its predecessor. Definitely right up for the best of 2014.x
Bite-sized maps with wildly different gameplay themes and unique narrative. Seriously, it has a goofy plot that pulls all the insanity together in a funny way. If you ever think a map sucks, the next one will probably feel just right. Highly recommended. -mystery personx
Definitely worthy of a 5 star rating: top-notch gameplay, excellent visuals and the music is mental in the best way possible. Thanks for making this dude. - Obsidianx