This little mapset shows again Didy's inovative way of design with complex layout. I really enjoyed all the maps, but sometimes, I got lost in it. The gameplay could be also little bit better, but still this is amazing piece of Doom. 4.5/5 - Damnedx
Agree w/ Zalewa. Can easily argue this could have gone above MOHU in the cacos (flip the award and the runner).x
Getsu Fune
pretty badass construction and stellar music go along with good gameplay in this one. I liked how in MAP04 you had to go in rooms where you had to trigger the letters to EXIT.x
Very fresh and original levels where gameplay stays true to the original Doom, even though navigating through the levels can be slightly confusing at times. All in all, this is a must-play and it deserved to get a full-fledged Cacoward.x
Fun. But the music can get annoying at times, the long drawn out notes at the end of map01 song makes me want to vomit. The level has good architecture, gameplay, and difficulty.x
I worried this might be another high-concept map set ruined by absurd difficulty, but it's not. Fights are unforgiving but never unfair, and there's plenty of health and ammo. Progression is intricate and at times downright puzzling, so you'd better play sober or risk boredom and frustration. Most architecture is beautiful but I found other abstract areas drab. Beware of falling into pits that don't rise (bug?) Some music is terribly monotonous and soon becomes annoying. Verdict: great but not perfect. x
Damn, this is modern art doom!, where modern art explicitly expresses the question of humanity during the new age of modern world war. Reminds me of the cubism theme. ~4/5x
Beautiful maps. Map 3 is the best for me. I love map1 music from The Cranberries (Electric Blue). 4.5/5x
Superior. Needless to say anything else.x
I wasn't fond on the texturing inconsistencies in this wad (stock textures + unicolored ones + other nice-looking exotic ones). First map was too easy and the last one rather confusing at times. Balance wasn't done badly at all, but sometimes it dragged a bit, or otherwise displeased me. Overally, I wasn't as impressed by this as I was by "Monster Hunter Ltd.", but either way, I've enjoyed playing through this mapset, there were lots of various cool designs and gameplay setups. 4++/5 stars. :)x
Excellent stuff. Especially Level 4. 5*****x
Fell in love with how MAP03 looked and played... Excellent new texture usage. Wow.x
Fantastic, dynamic, visually unique maps with excellent atmosphere and gameplay. Feels almost like something from Duke3D. New themes like this in Doom are a breath of fresh air, I'd like to see more projects break the mold of traditional Doom aesthetic.x
This wad, this wad is just amazing I love the textures and stuff to it just amazing x
Solid gold level set right here, folks.x
It's a rare day that a level tries to look like a real place, but ends up both looking good and playing like a great level. Didy has pulled it off brilliantly. Gave me a new appreciation for the architecture movement itself. 5/5x
Jaxxoon R
So the problem with most buildings in Doom is they look nothing like real-world buildings. B/|_||-|/|_|S gets around this by setting its theme around an already boxy architectural style. And then it combines that with excellent gameplay, aesthetics, and all kinds of neat tricks. If that isn't enough for you, might I mention that it was a Cacowards runner-up?x
This is insanely good. Just go and play it, alright?x